Confirmed: Sledgehammer developing a new Call of Duty

Sledgehammer Games is developing a new Call of Duty game, a job listing for the developer has confirmed.

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Double_Oh_Snap2109d ago

SHOCKER, but really I wonder if it's an FPS?

Etseix2109d ago

facepalm/ dude, we all know its going to be an RPG, whats wrong with you?

vickers5002109d ago

An RPG with a heavy emphasis on stealth and tactics.

BlackPrince 422109d ago

And story, don't forget it'll have a strong, coherent story as well.

BattleAxe2109d ago

Yeah, this was a real shocker...i think I'm going to go throw up now..

Awesome_Gamer2108d ago


tigertron2108d ago

It'll have a stable hack-free online multiplayer too!

SolidStoner2108d ago

Don't forget about daily updates and great huge free DLC!

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Hufandpuf2109d ago

Dude, didn't you hear? It's going to be a turn based strategy game.

Neoprime2109d ago

I would so pre-order it if it were.

-GametimeUK-2109d ago

I will not buy another Sledgehammer COD at release ever again until they prove to me they can create a good multiplayer component. MW3 is the worst in the series for me and I am sorry I ever bought into the hype and purchased it at the midnight launch. Treyarch haven't let me down since [email protected] so my hype for Blops2 is understandable.

Prince_Dim-Lu2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

[email protected] was awesome... not sure what's wrong with you. [email protected] brought us lot's of stuff that IW copies from them, and let's not forget the greatness of the tanks in [email protected] as well.

Sucks for you you're not having a good time with MW3. It's much better game than MW2 was.

Edit, so I can respond to below.. no more bubbles for me.. :)

Ahh.. ok, COD 3 you didn't like. Well ya, the World wasn't ready for COD MP goodness quite then yet. I still had fun with COD 3.. true, not fun like COD 4 and so on... but I liked COD 3 with their Jeeps, and Motorcylce with side car... LOVED playing Capture the Flag on Eder Dam for some reason.. lol.. don't know why... but I know what you mean. I have a feeling Black Ops 2 is going to be a sweet way to leave this gens COD's behind.

-GametimeUK-2109d ago

I love [email protected], but CoD3 was the one I didn't like. I must have explained myself poorly. I enjoyed MW2 more than MW3 (I don't know why), but don't be sorry, my friend. I am still having a lot of fun playing Black Ops to this day so I am not really bothered about missing out on MW3 :-)

Commodore2109d ago


Dude.....MW2 sucks, so saying MW3 is better than MW3 isn't saying much. Both of them were straight run and gun. COD4 atleast had a feel of strategy in it.

Blastoise2109d ago

I agree, loved every CoD since CoD4...but MW3 sucks.

Getowned2109d ago

MW3 is horrible, and the worst COD game yet. I will never buy another Sledgehammer game, ever. At least Treyarch tires to make a good game( I do want Blops2 but I'm still feeling the sting of MW3, that idk if I can trust cod at all). with all of my hate, I HATE MW3!! po$

WagFanger2108d ago Show
MRHARDON2108d ago

I can understand why people dont like Call of Duty 3, the game was made in less then 8 months.

I wont blame Treyarch fully for COD3, I would blame Activision for making them push a game out so fast.

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chriski3332109d ago

They shouldn't say working on a new cod. They should just say hey were recycling a new old same crap cod game!

Commodore2109d ago

I'll give you an Agree...because about 70% of N4G is filled with COD lovers, who are blind to how bland the franchise has become.

RioKing2109d ago

"70% of N4G is filled with COD lovers"

Wow yeah it's pretty obvious in the most of comments you see on here ;)

andibandit2109d ago

New guns and maps for COD


ginsunuva2109d ago

No no no. It will most likely be a music/fitness/singing hybrid game. Not another one!

multips3fan2109d ago

LMAO Another cod ,isnt this the 11 straight cod in the series.IT WILL NEEEEEVA END! Until activsion gets enough money rule the world!

PersonMan2109d ago

I hate when people say "an FPS" because I don't read it as "an eff pee ess"... instead, I read it as "an first person shooter".

Also, I hate first person shooters these days. They're all the same and I don't feel a connection to the character when I can't see him.

GraveLord2109d ago

Most likely they are collaborating with Infinity Ward again.

IW builds the game for next-gen consoles while Sledgehammer scales them down to run on current ones.

I hope its not though. Would be great to see Infinity Ward have a 3-year dev cycle for the next-gen COD.

showtimefolks2109d ago

shocker ?????

really we have yet to get this new one and another one already. I hope this new one that's in development is on a new engine

but i doubt it its activision.

one thing i do wonder is how soon before COD brand becomes the Guitar hero IP

gta28002109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Oh crap, someone confirm that the sky is blue cause I need confirmations on the obvious!

Patriots_Pride2109d ago

Obviously a Call of Duty rip.

DoctorXpro2108d ago

and not last man stands at all

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Gorilla_Killa_X2109d ago

Sledgehammer is going to a full game now. Three developers for one series of games. I know they helped with the multiplayer part of black ops but this is just ridiculous now. Activision is really gonna be churning those games out left and right.

Gorilla_Killa_X2109d ago

I meant MW3. Do not know why I said black ops.

PersonMan2109d ago

You weren't totally wrong though. Sledgehammer made maps for Black Ops.

DeadlyFire2108d ago

Does this mean we see two Call of duty games in 2013?

dangert122109d ago

Is this a surprise to us?...really?

InTheLab2109d ago

CoD every six months now? Reminds me of Need for Speed...

sway_z2109d ago

The great global gaming public are a tolerant bunch...I mean really, aren't we just a little tired of all the cut 'n paste COD's yet?

I hope Black Ops 2 is going to take the franchise out of the norm, because every game seems too similar to the last locations, remixed exp/upgrades same shit!

Modern Warfare games makes me sick now...the subject matter is tired.

Oh, BTW I equate myself into this. I'm no less fickle than anyone else, since I own BF3, BC 2, All the CODS except MW3....

... I know, I know..peer pressure's a MF!