68-year-old grandmother to attempt world record 30-hour gaming marathon for charity

Starting at 9 a.m. EST on Tuesday, June 26, Kathleen Henkel will attempt something few people half her age would even consider: Playing a video game for 30 hours straight with no sleep.

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davidfca2229d ago

At least it's a game you don't have to play standing up. The Asteroids world record was set in something like 60 hours in front of an arcade machine.

ATi_Elite2229d ago

Me and my friends just played Day Z for over 30 hours straight with no sleep over the weekend.

(My body aches and I'm sick of Zombies, Taco Bell, and Mountain Dew......well for a few days anyway)

We were searching for ATV parts and trying to find the guys who got the SUV, so we could jack them of course.

anyway Good Luck Grandma, I expect cookies when this is all over with.

SybaRat2229d ago

Wondering what her KDR is.

ZodTheRipper2229d ago

Wondering whether she'll survive that.

juaburg2229d ago

Thats one hardcore gaming granny :)