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VGR: Entering into the booth they had a 3D version of the game and the regular version. I started off with the 3D version of it. I don’t have much experience with playing games on a 3D screen but I was fairly impressed with the version.

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Ashunderfire862376d ago

Bu bu bu bu but what happen to Doom 4?

svoulis2376d ago

Rage happened....Rage..

h311rais3r2376d ago

Rage was garbage. I'm glad it released So now ID knows what not to do for DooM4...

GodModeDisabled2376d ago

The worst writing I have ever seen on a video game news site, bar none.

Larry L2376d ago

I know. How someone who writes "would of" (or "should of" or "could of") gets work wirting articles for a website is beyond me.

Not only that, but the editor of the site seems to think there's nothing wrong with "would of" either.

"Would of".........words that NEVER, in any way do they ever go together in the english language........Jeebus.......w ith all the information and educational material on the internet available to humans at the mere click of a finger, I find it incredibly ironic that the internet truly is making people more stupid by the day.

rmedtx2376d ago

I'm sure they will release Doom 4 for the next gen of consoles. In the mean time Doom 3 will keep us busy. I agree with you guys Rage is just crap... It's really boring.