BT Hands-On: Dragon Ball Z for Kinect Fails to Ever Really Connect

BT writes: When we here at Blistered Thumbs first broke the story that the mega-popular anime/manga series Dragon Ball Z was getting its own Kinect title, I will admit that I was less than impressed by the thought of the game at that time. This was because I was already anticipating the same kind of messy and only barely functional affair that pretty much any attempt to create a non-dancing or pet Kinect game has ended up producing. The Kinect has to date repeatedly proven its lacks of functionality regarding any game that requires fast and smooth gameplay and when I think of the fights in Dragon Ball Z (disregarding the often pointless additions for the sake of filler of course) that is exactly what comes to mind. These are high impact, high speed, and high intensity affairs, with characters often moving so fast they seem to disappear into thin air. None of which seemed to lend itself to producing a prime candidate for a decent Kinect game. But after getting to spend some time with the game on the show floor at E3, I can honestly say that Dragon Ball Z for Kinect… pretty much lives down to my every initial expectation.

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