BT Hands-On: A Familair Formula Gets a Whole New Dimension of Fun With Quantum Conundrum

BlisteredThumbs writes: It is certainly unfair to expect any game to achieve the level of success and fame that Portal did. After all, Portal was more than just a massive hit, it was a game that produced memes which have spread as far as to people who have never played or even heard of the game. And at least partially, the reasons this go beyond just the fact that it was a terrifically made game on every level. Certainly, it helped that Portal featured dead on and perfectly responsive controls, had simple yet lovely graphics, wonderful sound design backed by one hell of a vocal performance, an elegantly low key yet highly engaging story, and genuinely original gameplay that legitimately introduced new ideas into the medium in a way that few titles ever truly manage. All of that was certainly vital to the game’s ultimate success, but even so, Portal was also the right game in the right place at the right time.

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