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Andrew Sztein writes "If you're anything like me, you might have felt that the Halo franchise grew stagnant in the last few years. It was almost as if original developers Bungie grew tired of developing nothing but Halo titles for an entire decade, and just kind of phoned it in from there. When Microsoft announced that Bungie would be leaving the franchise that put Xbox on the map and it would be handed off the unknown entity that is 343 studios, fans gasped with a collective who?"

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IQUITN4G2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

Good stuff. Despite all being very excellent games, the sequels for the most felt like at least a part of Bungie wasn't behind these games with their full might and i suspect that came from the top more than anything. 343 has come together formed by for the most it seems by fans in the industry that played the games outside of the dev process, and this means they'll likely have a better understanding for what was so originally great to begin with.The franchise has lost it's way somewhat and so fingers crossed here

Halo1 campaign is still the one to beat and i hope they manage to get close at least