Lollipop Chainsaw is 4 hours long

Sad but true. You can complete Lollipop Chainsaw just in few hours.

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CustardTrout2294d ago

Hard to understand, but the title sums it up pretty well

zielocz3k2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

google translate is crap :), anyway the game has 6 chapters and prologue, u can beat each chapter in 30-40 mins, it's really short but there are many unlockable (and sexy) costumes, trophies, good and bad ending, leaderboards, so yeah, there is a replay value

CustardTrout2294d ago

Yeah I ran an article saying it always hit me as the kind of game you could replay, but I'm yet to play it so...

Lazy_Sunday2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

You charge the game $8 USD an hour based on campaign length. For example, Skyrim has an incredible amount of content, but it's campaign can be beaten in about 8 hours, and the game costed $60+tax at launch which comes to about $64. Journey can be beaten in around 2 hours, so it's $15 price point is a steal. Hell, Portal 2 took me 6 hours to beat but had that long lasting $40 special. So it sounds to me like Lollipop Chainsaw should be $40.

Now it's important to be reminded that games can get away with being 6 hours long--yes, even 5.5 hours long--if the content is valued higher then it's length. Battlefield 3 is an exception. Duke Nukem Forever is not.

However, if a game exceeds 8 hours of exciting campaign length, for example the Uncharted series, MGS4, or as previously listed, Skyrim--the game is not paid overtime since it is only scheduled an 8 hour time-slot, it's their own time and they should have closed shop when they had the chance.

Since the average MMO feels more like work then fun, MMOs are not paid minimum wage. They are paid what I call "the FoxConn Package." That means that gameplay time of 160 hours a month (plus 36 hours of overtime) can be condensed into about $400 a month minus 2 meals and a snack, and other necessities for yourself needed to survive, which brings the cost of an MMO to $0-15 a month. See what I did there?

Gen0ne2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

I'm calling out blatant speed run to 1: garner hits and 2: build a dislike towards the game to help whatever negative gamer politics this person has towards LPC. "Quick! Shoot this easy mode speed run completion time out the door before LPC goes retail and stands a chance to defend itself!"

Edit: This will sit happily right next to Vanquish on my shelf. Another 4 hour game I loved.

MySwordIsHeavenly2294d ago

You beat Portal 2 in 6 hours? No, you didn't.

RockmanII72294d ago

No one buys CoD for the single player so it's unfair to compare CoD's single player to another games single player. People buy CoD for the competitive multiplayer, something which this game doesn't have.

Gantrfaxx2294d ago

With the replay walue you can get how much? 8-10 hours... that's still much less than some other games offer, in one playthrough, for the same money.

nik666uk2293d ago

oh good, as long as I can change my skirt then it's worth it then!

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ATi_Elite2294d ago

WoW $60 for 4 hours!

either that's a Crack Whore or a Video Game only worth renting.

They better have some great FREE DLC in the works.

GuyThatPlaysGames2294d ago

There's no amount of free DLC that could ever make this game worth the $60.

FunAndGun2294d ago

oh wow! I always thought this was a DL title.

lol @ $60, yeah right!

MRMagoo1232294d ago

hmmm ppl pay that for cod and the stories barely last 4 hours either

KidBroSweets22294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

Yeah, but I have 27 days in the multiplayer on Call of Duty. It's called "replayability" which will be worthy of commanding a $60 price tag. And LPC isnt my sort of game but if it has replayability then I won't crucify it for that price.

MaxXAttaxX2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

Can't get that with COD with an even shorter campaign length.
I'd rather buy this game once than to keep re-buying COD rehashes every year.

Robotronfiend2293d ago

It's $45 right now on

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showtimefolks2294d ago

i could still buy it but the game has to be really really good. Like vanquish which was 4-5 hrs but it was more than worth the buy at 39.99 not full 60 though

nukeitall2294d ago

I agree, if the game is short, it better be pure bliss! I'm down for some pure bliss.

Unfortunately, Lollipop Chainsaw doesn't look like pure bliss to me. Of course that is my personal opinion.

Gamer19822294d ago

So is call of duty yet that sells millions each and every one of them so whats the point?

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Double_Oh_Snap2294d ago

I beat it didn't rush lasted about 71/2 for me. Every hour worth it the game is really funny, unique and fun. You might hate this game, you might love it but I can guarantee you will not forget it.

zielocz3k2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

i'm glad you enjoyed it :) can't wait for my copy

Double_Oh_Snap2294d ago

I really did a lot more then I was expecting to. The characters were memorable, the combat was easy at first then got progressively more complex.

The game has tons of costumes and unlockables even after beating it. Leaderboards and zombie medals encourage you to replay stages.

All together it is a really solid game. I highly enjoyed my time with it, and still do I've put about 14 hours in the game an it's still a blast to play.

MoveTheGlow2294d ago

Yeah Hollow, it doesn't make sense that it's "sad but true-" this is kinda like Bayonetta in that it's a fast action game built for replay, not a cinematic story-telling game built for cutscenes, or an open-world game built for exploration. As a fan of these kinds of games, I can't wait to play both LC and MGS Rising!

WetN00dle692294d ago


Are the Rei Miyamoto and Saeko Busujima costumes in game unlocks????

zielocz3k2294d ago

yes they are :) if u want to know full list pm me

M_Prime2294d ago

i'm 4 hours in (according to RAPTR) and i am only on the 3rd level. Though i did play prolog over in the leaderboards mode. I am having a blast with the characters and the boss battles are fun. I love the style and i love the gameplay so far. The only thing i wasn't impressed by are the shooting sections.

Feralkitsune2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

Ha, it won't work. Save your breath, no matter how good a game is these days people will only buy it if it is 60hours long. Same thing I said about the Darkness 2. but people were so focused on the SP being 5-6 hours long they skipped an amazing game.

Robotronfiend2293d ago

I don't skip 6 hour games, I rent or borrow them.

attilayavuzer2294d ago

Damn 71 or 72 hours? That's some serious value.

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kevnb2294d ago

Looks like another crappy game the media thinks we like thanks to people clicking on the hot chicks.

Double_Oh_Snap2294d ago

Have you played it? No? Well then your opinion means absolutely nothing. People like you are morons who have no idea what makes a good game.

kevnb2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

I cant say it looks crappy because I haven't played it?

whiteheartrising2290d ago

I agree. Plus I'd like to see the clown make better. Truth is it is an amazing game, has all the fun components a game needs, and the characters are an outright riot. This is why the industry is not as good as before, people take a look and then board hate trains BEFORE trying it, then Call of Doody comes out and they've done nothing new with the game, but fanboys insists upon its greatness. I'm sorry, but Hollow is right. If you haven't played the game, shut the hell up and go bark up a different tree.

Colonel_Dante2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

+1 sir.
Agreed !

TheGOODKyle2294d ago

Do you even know who makes it? I assure you the "hot chicks" is on the backburner of trying to sell this game.

SeekDev2294d ago

Not many people care to know who the creator is behind their favourite, or least favourite, games music and movies. I like to know, because it often means that the next game a favourite developer releases will be one to watch out for.

I'd love to learn the names of all the devs in the world, but it's not like there's any supreme source of this info. At least, not that I know of...

kent800820072294d ago

Anyone seen Prometheus yet? Somehow I keep thinking that Elizabeth is the blondie while David is, well... the head

Hellsvacancy2294d ago

I did two weeks ago, it was awful, thanks for reminding me

Trenta272294d ago

You obviously don't like to think during movies, then. You have to analyze everything in that movie.

pixelsword2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

I saw it, to me there wasn't anything to think about, unless you're into that new age garbage (basically, a mental exercise in futility). It's straightforward and shallow; it makes The Matrix look like Solaris... '61 novel Solaris. Heck, even the movie whips-up on Prometheus in terms of scientific concepts.

This isn't a spoiler, but here's a warning before I speak anyways:

The captain summed-up the whole thing a little past the middle of the movie, almost 3/4 in.

kingdavid2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

I have to admit it was pretty bad. A relic of the past.

When you say "you obviously dont like to think during movies", Im not sure I understand. Its a pretty straight forward generic action/horror film.

strauser3602294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )


An opinion from intelligent people.

Colonel_Dante2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

Im not a betting man.
But I think the people that mentioned the "sexy outfits" as to what makes this game fun sound desperate and need a girlfriend.

Play it for gameplay or not,but just for sexy outfits..? damn..

Edit: Disagrees (lol)
Okay, I guess I upset the virgins

caseh2294d ago

To be honest the game is the last thing I've been interested in since Jessica Nigri turned up in that skin tight pink outfit at a recent booth advertising the game...

insomnium22294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

What about if you are married and have kids already? Are you saying that you are sure to have the ultimate babe as your wife so that there is no need to look at other women at all? Will she satisfy you 100%? Really?

I mean I'm married to a beatifull woman imo and we have 2 kids (a third on it's way) and i still like to watch other beatiful women. I'm loyal and just as big of a familyman as the next guy and i love my kids and my life as it is but I still like to watch beautiful women. They dress up sexy and my head WILL turn towards them even though I'm in no way desperate. I guess I'm just that much horny by default.

Lucky for me this is not a crime and I talk with my wife frequently about sexy women and men with sexy clothes. We like beautifull people that's all. She is sure to tell me if she sees a sexy man with a great ass or something. Not many can be this open in their relationships you know? They are not even allowed to look at other openly. They have to hide it. I guess it has more to do with insecurity.

i do get what you are saying as there are many virgins on this site no doubt. But as long as it comes to liking fanservice and sexy women I guess I will always be a teenager and a virgin in that department. I have my wife's consent so I'm good LOL!