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Destructoid: Like it or not, co-op is now something that is to be expected from a console Resident Evil entry. I've been a fan of the series since I got Resident Evil 2 alongside my PlayStation, and, contrary to popular opinion, I loved how Resident Evil 5 played and controlled. A big part of that was the aspect of teamwork.

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Philoctetes2376d ago

This sounds even worse than RE5.

-GametimeUK-2376d ago

I like coop in Resident Evil. I liked it in Resident Evil 5. I just don't like the fact the entire game was focused around it. It just ruined the single player experience for me. I would have preferred Resident Evil 6 to have a campaign that didn't support coop at all and be traditional and add an alternate Coop gun focused campaign for the people who actually want to play coop. The key is pleasing all your audiences and not just catering to one crowd.