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E3: I'm sorry, but DmC: Devil May Cry was great fun | Destructoid

Destructoid: Sorry boners, I can't be your hero this day. I played DmC: Devil May Cry, and I had a blast. (DmC: Devil May Cry, E3, PS3, Xbox 360)

Yi-Long  +   1059d ago
The game looks cool to me...
... but even IF it's the very best game of the year, it will still be a CAPCOM game, meaning we'll be getting an incomplete game and they'll sell you the rest later as DLC.

Thus, there's no way I'll be buying this, or any other CAPCOM game, on day 1 for full-price!

CAPCOM bought this upon itself with their greed.
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Kran  +   1059d ago
Name any game of today where this doesn't happen.

Call of Duty always feels unfinished. They release already made maps months later.

Enslaved also ended on a cliffhanger. I mean they were making a brand new IP that's not had much hype. Ninja Theory should have known the IP might not sell and shouldn't have ended on a cliffhanger, thus making the game feel incomplete.
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StarFox  +   1059d ago
COD4 - 17 Maps
WAW - 13 Maps
MW2 - 16 Maps
BO - 14 Maps
MW3 - 16 Maps

if COD is unfinished then you name me any other shooter that releases that many maps out of box no DLC required. it might be the same shit every year but to say that it's unfinished when it releases more content than any other shooter is beyond ridiculous. I don't even play COD anymore and baffled by what you just said
Kran  +   1059d ago

I meant by the campaign when I said unfinished.

I just added the maps comment because it was still true.
kanetheking  +   1059d ago
tbh the only dlc heavy capcoms games are there fighters, other then that i don't see many dlc for cap games.
Gran Touring  +   1059d ago
Asura's wrath did receive DLC for it's real ending, but I think the best bet for Capcom if they want to regain some respect, is to release full, completed games, and just avoid DLC altogether.
-GametimeUK-  +   1059d ago
I'm no longer supporting Capcom. I missed out on SFXTekken (which looks like a good thing) and I am going to miss out on Resi6 until a few years later when the Ultra gold edition is in the bargain bin.
fei-hung  +   1059d ago
Game may look good and play well, but I am fed up of Crapcom and NT so I will play it and enjoy it all at a bargain price after it drops in price and I can get it for cheap preowned.

This is what you get for ruining Dante and the DMC Universe!
IcyEyes  +   1059d ago
I don't care if this is not the *real* Dante.

I just need a great game and I have a LOT of faith in the Ninja Theory.
BrutallyBlunt  +   1059d ago
This article is another example of how some gamers are today, react first, think later. I was never worried about what others said in the first place, it's become common nowadays for forums to be muddled with negativity. You need to look no further than here on N4G.
killerhog  +   1059d ago
This is only a preview/hands-on buddy, review has a gaurantee chance to be different.
BrutallyBlunt  +   1059d ago

So? Does that mean until then you're still going to have the mindset this game won't be good even though you yourself haven't play it? Sorry but I'd rather listen to feedback from those who actually played it, not those on forums who've made their minds up long ago.
thehitman  +   1059d ago
For me I never questioned the gameplay from what I seen it should feel fun to play but what about story design and main character feel...
dericb11  +   1059d ago
At first it looked lame but has looked better lately.
dericb11  +   1059d ago
Dante does look more normal (Not like the original) but not emo like the first trailer. At least My listened some.

If demo is good will give it a buy.
Moncole  +   1059d ago
I will play this game.
Captain Qwark 9  +   1059d ago
been looking forward to it ever since they showed it. every time sine they first showed it, it looks better and better. always has been a day 1 buy for me, still is.

i wont argue that dantes new look is kinda gay but w/e im sure ill get used to it, just a matter of trying to forget what the old dante looked like
rezzah  +   1059d ago
It is also a matter of basically ignoring everything else that made the original series "DMC".

This game can be its own game without the title of DMC.
Captain Qwark 9  +   1059d ago
i still dont understand what everyone means by all that lol. i must have missed soemthing in the older dmcs.

old dmc games
cocky main character
sword and gun
great combat
little bit of platforming
solid story
( first was amazing for its time. 2 was meh. 3 was amazing and challenging, 4 was good not great, too much back tracking, nero was more or less a reskinned dante and combat was getting stale at this point )

new dmc
cocky main character = check
sword and gun = check
great combat = looks good, dont know for sure until i play it. dont give me that frames argument, plenty of great games have been 30fps, not a big deal
little bit of platforming = certainly looks like a check from the trailers
solid story = no idea, wait and see

looks like the new one has everything the old ones had to me. maybe there is some stuff in there i missed that those "super hardcore, i ride dante shaft everyday" fans know about that i dont, but for the most part, it appears the more casual dmc fans like myself will be plenty satisfied. i play every dmc released but im not so invested in it that i will hate capcom for any change to the formula, sometimes change is good.
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rezzah  +   1059d ago
Takings jabs because of a opposing opinion, you must already know everything there is to know about the new DMC.

My focus is the new story's connection to the previous, and what this means for the future of the series as a whole.

Will it continue as a reboot or will the original story see a proper ending?

There will always be varying perceptions on any matter. Your failure to recognize this shows how far you think, which according to my opinion of you based on your reply isn't very high.

It is all about control isn't it? To be right or to win, in fact the only thing it proves is your ability to think highly of yourself. In case if you didn't know, that does not make your opinion any greater than another's, especially in this matter.
Captain Qwark 9  +   1058d ago
lmao, take it easy there champ. i took one jab at the super hardcore fans and im pretty sure thats all you read becuase you didnt counter a single point i made with your argument, you just focused on me "thinking im a Superior man and my opinion is all that matters" even though not once did i say or even imply that lol, i just simply stated with a single offensive line that i may have "missed" something others more hardcore fans have noticed becuase i dont see what all the hate is about since this game is wildly similar to the others except frames per second where it downgraded from 60 to 30...

and this....

"It is all about control isn't it? To be right or to win, in fact the only thing it proves is your ability to think highly of yourself. In case if you didn't know, that does not make your opinion any greater than another's, especially in this matter."

where are you even going with that lmao. what are you some sort of psychiatrists attempting to pick my brain lol. im not telling anybody there opinion is wrong, everyone is entitled to their own. i gave mine and provided several points of why i think that way. last time i checked, voicing ones opinion is what these forums are all about. if everyone agreed with each other all the time they wouldnt be much fun now would they???

and to counter your point, if all your worried about is the story then i dont see why your so pissed. hollywood reboots movies all the time and nobody seems to care. sometimes they tie into the old lore such as star trek, sometimes they dont such as the new spiderman. you dont actually know until the game is out so rather than hate on it now over just the story, you should prob reserve judgement until it is out and you actually find out whether it ties or not.
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rezzah  +   1058d ago
There are those who primarily enjoy the original DMC series for specific reasons. These are the iconic characters (personality, look, style), gameplay, story.

Cocky main character is ok, yet is the way they express their personalities similar? Note this is also affected through the look, "dantes new look is kinda gay". Style comes into play as to what degree is the expression received as "cool"? New DMC has shown both bad and good; the bad being Dante smoking and concept picture of him with a harem of female angels. The good is seen within the new trailer, where dante punches the guard and write "**** you" on the paper. But know that this mention of what is bad and good are opinionated.

Sword and gun, a lame comparison. But what is important are the names Ebony & Ivory. The name of the sword which he carries around may not matter, but my personal preference is "rebellion". It is obvious to see that these names are from the previous games, but why are they important? If the names of his famous guns were something else then this game would have even less connection to the original. Therefore, it would be less of a DMC game and more of something not DMC. Furthermore, if the above mention were true one could say that the title of DMC could have been added for sales purposes due to lack of connection to original series.

Combat. New Dante's fighting style will resemble more of Nero's style than the original Dante. So those who preferred Nero to Dante will enjoy new Dante. Trailers reveal his weapon works similarly to Nero's arm in combat.

I find the new DMC story interesting after watching the E3 trailer. I believe that demons rule the world through corporations or societal means; the beginning of the trailer revealed this.

You divided everyone into two groups. First, the "super hardcore, i ride dante shaft everyday" fans who I will refer to as core fans. And then there are the casual DMC fans.

Do you know the difference between a core gamer and a casual gamer? A core gamer is a person who enjoys playing many video games as one who enjoys reading many books. A casual gamer is a person who enjoys playing games, but not to the extent of a core gamer. The difference is the amount of time placed into the hobby and the level of importance to the person.

Apply this knowledge to core DMC fans and casual DMC fans. Though casual fans, such as yourself, might have played all current DMC games it is less important to you. If less time and level of importance is applied to anything then less knowledge and feeling is gained. This means that the level of knowledge and feeling on the series is held in greater depth by those who are core fans over those who are casual. Therefore your attachment is weaker than mine thus you could care less how much the series can change.

If great change occurs to a iconic series, there is a possibility that the original DMC may not continue story-wise. Instead the reboot may gain its own momentum. This means that casual DMC fans could care less as the core DMC fans (one's who care) are ignored.

You didn't claim opposing opinions to be wrong, you implied it. Your admitted offensive comment reveals your views of those who are core DMC fans. If you view opposition as "riding a shaft" then you negatively accept their opinions.Your negative attachments to core fans might subconsciously/consciously be applied to their opinions.

I wish for a final conclusion for the original before the reboot takes over and continues on its own. If the original does end, then hopefully it will put most questions for the old DMC universe at ease.
kanetheking  +   1059d ago
it's seems to be getting better each time i see it which is good.
Hufandpuf  +   1059d ago
Isn't it funny how before N4G despised this game?

I have no opinion on this other than this game looked good from the beginning.
rezzah  +   1059d ago
People learn to deal with change and just give in, or these could be the people who where the minority during the beginning. Now they are more vocal than those who disagree with this game for various reason.
Darth_Bane79  +   1059d ago
Its funny that people at beginning were angry at those of us that hated what they were doing with Dante because he looked way too emo, and other things, but look at it now! If we the fans of the series wouldn't have complained then they would have left it as it was, and ruined it. What I'm trying to say is that we should never just sit thre and accept whatever crap devs try to throw at us, we have the right to express our opinion.
BanditGamer  +   1059d ago
I know right??
This game is sooo much better now that NT have agreed to change his FACE a bit! Thats what makes it so much fun now.
Psssht! Talk about delusions of grandior! You and your merry band of complainers may succeeded in having the game altered a bit, but it was on a purely cosmetic level and not much at that. To give yourself anymore credit than that is just laughable.
This is no Mass Effect 3 ending victory.
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Darth_Bane79  +   1057d ago
If you would take the time to look closer at what the original proposal for the game was, including the behavior of the character and the studios response to the feedback from fans of the series, then you would see that the changes made are more than just cosmetic. Now if your aim was just to seem intelligent and glorious by using personal attacks, the keep it up, you doing a good job.
123_321  +   1059d ago
This could be the highest rated DMC ever and i still wouldn't get it. Screw Capcom and screw NT.
I'm going to ignore this game like it's an invisible, dead midget under a hedge.
kevnb  +   1059d ago
ratings don't make a game good. Especially these days.
InTheLab  +   1059d ago
With Ninja Theory on the cover, the game will be $20 3 months after launch when it fails to hit 200k sales...
Acquiescence  +   1059d ago
Never a doubt in my mind that this would be a good game...
I have N4G to thank for bringing it to my attention really - all the hyperbole revolving around this reboot continually pushed the game into the hottest stories section and made it impossible to ignore. And that's how DmC will be the first game I've played in the series ever since I picked up Devil May Cry for the PS2 at release and subsequently sold it a week after.

Sometimes, if you're strongly against something, it's best to outright ignore it rather than protesting its existence and thus giving it more publicity. I doubt The Passion of the Christ would've been the box-office monster it was had it not stirred up all that controversy caused by the Jewish community prior to release.
Summons75  +   1059d ago
Let's give Ninja Theory god of War next so they can turn Kratos into a twilight character...of course I'm not being serious but they still killed a gaming icon by not only his looks but his attitude is different, the gameplay is different, they took nothing for the established story and "oh it's a prequel" but even still they established Dante's past and Ninja Theory ignored it. Ninja Theory has no good games under their belt and has done nothing but insult the creator of the series and fans. Screw them I'll never give them money for this crap.
Fishy Fingers  +   1059d ago
Lol... Yes because the original Dante was oh do manly... It's a reboot. If your looking for just more of the same, your failing to understanding the term "reboot".

Don't change a game you get bitching (example: cod)
Do change a game you get bitching (example: DMC)

Basically unless a game developer asks us specifically what we want, personally, bitching. You haven't even played it but will dismiss it for the leads hair style.
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Summons75  +   1059d ago
there is a difference between changing a game and destroying a gaming icon. Dante is a character almost all gamers can just look at and know what game he is from. Again take your favorite franchise and then change EVERYTHING about it and make the character look like he came out of twilight you won't be happy either. I also didn't say Dante was "manly" either but his attitude made he a memorable character, this one is just an asshole who sound like he hasn't had a meth fix in two days. If you think I'm bitching because of his hair you completely missed my point and have not played 1-4.
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rezzah  +   1059d ago
The possibility of the series continuation as a reboot is what worries me the most.

It would be terrible if the original is left in the dust.
user5467007  +   1059d ago
Wow...good job people standing your ground in what you believe in /s

NT have called everyone from the old fans of DMC (YOU GUYS), to the creator, to old Dantes looks, to the past DMC games..........why the hell would people still support them

I think it still looks crap for a dmc game, it wouldn't surprize me if Capcom pays reviewers to give it a good score because of the neagtive backlash this game has gotten.

If this game dosen't sell we could have DMC 5

My advice if you want to play it fine...but please wait a month or two after release untill it's in the bargain bin
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Hicken  +   1059d ago

If the game looks good, that's fine. I wouldn't have a problem with acknowledging that Ninja Theory has done a good job making the game.

But after they insulted the fanbase and even the original creators of the series, they won't be getting my money. I may check it out, and eventually pick it up used, but there's no way in hell they're getting into my wallet after that.
trickman888  +   1059d ago
If you find slow gameplay(compared to previous DMCS), terrible boss battles, and a horrible looking character to be your idea of "fun"..then good for you.

I'll just stick with the superior DMC 1, 3, 4 and wait for 5. Thank you very much.
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MilkMan  +   1059d ago
Who is he apologizing to?
The game was looking cool from the git. Don't apologize to whiners. These are the same gamers that complaint about Castlevania and Ninja Gaiden.
Let them play the same game over and over for the next 100 years if they want.
Keep changing sh!t up man, if you want my money.
Myst-Vearn  +   1059d ago
That is irrelevant to me now. I will not buy this game even if it is the best action game in history, just because of the god damn developers making it.
mochachino  +   1059d ago
This DmC is the first Devil May Cry game i've been excited about for a while - gamers generally have very negative reactions to change (and lack of change strangely) so I'm not really influenced by other peoples reactions unless they're similar to my own.

Capcom's business practices do bother me after they destroyed the SF4 community with too many releases in a short period of time.
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GenoZStriker  +   1059d ago
There is a big difference between whining and posting legitimate concerns. The issues with DmC were never just about the hair and wish retards would stop saying as if it was. There were many things you could take from past NT games that legitimately posed major concerns for this new DmC games, especially with DMC being such icon games in action/adventure genre. The hair was simply one indication that they didn't understand the series well. But after the outburst, guess what: They ended changing the characters' look and while this Dante is somewhat of a douchebag they got rid of his smoker/meth addict look. This new Dante, while not the same as Vanilla Dante, looks much better than what they first game us.

The first combat video they showed was extremely underwhelming. Combat looked tremendously slow, there seemed to be no impact or heavyness of weapons when you hit enemies. Combat seemed very clunky and automated like it was in Enslaved where you couldn't cancel animation to stop combos, or the idea of knowing enemy frames to link combos just wasn't there. There also appeared to me no jump cancel when they first showed it.

And guess what now. E3 rolls in and Capcoms rep goes on the Capcom Unity stream and basically said how they were reading and taking fans concerns into consideration and the game now plays nearly the same as previous Devil May Cry games. Capcom is largely responsible for the combat. Combat looks less automated, you can jump cancel, link combos by knowing character frames to perform SS combos (So they say), game appears to be much faster and play more smooth.

Seriously, if you think the complaints were just about the hair, then you didn't know jack shit from the start. You think all this is being done for those who just say "STFU haters, his hair looks fine" Absolutely not!
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smashcrashbash  +   1059d ago
Well if they mess it up like they did with DMC 4 and plus the new look of Dante will equal no purchase for me. Not to mention the definition of 'fun' has gotten distorted over the years. RE and NG are turning into $hit before our very eyes and people keep jumping to say it's 'fun'. So you can say the word fun until your teeth fall out.If you mess up DMC again no more chances. So bring your A game because I am sick and tired of the changing games for changing sake rather then any good reason.

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