E3 2012: F1 2012 Hands-On Preview By Canadian Online Gamers

Canadian Online Gamers - "Our very first appointment at E3 2012 was with Codemasters who were showing both F1 2012 and Dirt Showdown. F1 2012 aims to build on the handling improvements from 2011 and the development team are striving to make the handling even tighter and more accessible to the player. The handling in 2010 was extremely twitchy. While this was addressed in 2011, the handling feels even better in 2012 from the demo I played. That said, do not expect this to be a Forza experience. The technology in today’s F1 car makes playing more about being precise in your line and braking. It takes some skill as you have to be subtle enough with the throttle so you don’t spin out."

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