Reverse Sexism

An opinion column via that explores sexism in today's gaming industry from a slightly different perspective, posing the question of whether sexism as we know it has become something different.

Quote: "Last week Square Enix released a trailer for Hitman Absolution which was no doubt intended to have gamers gawking in adoration of the style and choreography of Agent 47 doing what he does best, to a group of female assassins. And gawk is exactly what the world did, although not at all for the intended reasons. That now infamous trailer sparked an outcry from the gaming public with many fans of the series clamouring for, and eventually getting an apology from developer IO Interactive for the sexist undertones and indecent portrayal of women which is so rife in the gaming industry.

Having seen most of this debate online and not quite understanding what the big fuss was about, the great debate-loving crazy person inside me came racing to the surface."

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DragonKnight2375d ago

Agree with this article. The people who have a problem with the trailer only have a problem because the women are losing to a man, not because the women are "sexualized."

Guaranteed if the women looked the same but ended up beating the living crap out of Agent 47, there would be no uproar. Feminism is a HUGE load of hypocrisy. At least the form of it in the public face. Real feminists look to empower women through living a good life and standing up for themselves. They do not b*tch about every little think like they are constantly PMS'ing. I know a lot of strong women who are gamers. They'd look at this trailer and either A)Be indifferent to it or B)Get hyped for the game.

These women complaining have clear and serious self-esteem issues.

Mounce2374d ago

Couldn't have really said it better myself.

There are Whiners and Complainers, Complainers usually have valid reasoning for their complaints. Now, Feminists? I don't even think they're whining, they've gone to a whole new level of whining that is beyond comprehension because they lack such abilities. If it's not Pro female it's not good enough, if it's Fat Princess? Its stereotyping women, if it's a beautiful woman? It's unrealistic and a problem. If you make a 'Meh' mediocre female, it's bad too because of the lack of detail and effort put into making the female unique.

Feminists Bitch for the sake of bitching and having something to do while inside the kitchen with their laptops.