EA: Dead Space 3 got co-op because Dead Space is too scary to play alone

OXM: "We didn't have a 'checklist' of features to borrow, says marketing exec."

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Double_Oh_Snap2232d ago

What? Is that not the fun of it? You play dead spaced to play an awesome scary claustrophobic game.

If more people look at games the way EA just did we are doomed. Still really excited to play Dead Space 3 though.

brish2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

So they are taking the scary out of a game meant to be scary!?

EA ruins another franchise *sigh*

Intentions2232d ago

Just curious, what franchise/s have they ruined?

Philoctetes2232d ago

"Just curious, what franchise/s have they ruined? "

Dead Space.

brish2232d ago


"Just curious, what franchise/s have they ruined?"

Some people say that they ruined Mass Effect. I haven't played Mass Effect 3 but the user reviews for the game are astonishingly bad.

Dragon Age was once considered to be the best of the best when it came to RPGs. EA bought Bioware and we got Dragon Age Awakening, and Dragon Age II.

Need for Speed. They released a game called "Need for Speed The Run" which added a greater focus on story ... which is what Need for Speed fans didn't want.

Battlefield 3. This one had mixed reviews. Most people I know say Battlefield 2 has better multiplayer(MP) but it was debatable. Then EA shutdown servers so people couldn't play MP and instead had to rent servers to play the game. Battlefield 3 was plagued with disconnects and problems getting into games. EA was eventually forced to add their servers back because the game was unplayable for MP. A game that's main attraction is MP couldn't be played online! Brilliant move EA!

Medal of Honor used to be considered one of the best fps. Then they tried to make it like COD. The problem is COD is a better COD than Medal of Honor. The things that made Medal of Honor good are gone.

Command & Conquer used to be considered good. Now, not so much.

... and soon Dead Space. Dead Space was once an amazing horror game. Now they are changing it to COD in space.

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-GametimeUK-2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

Different people find different things fun. There is no denying the fact that many people will love the coop feature. I for one am not so bothered about a game like Dead Space including coop, but I think it should be its stand alone campaign so it doesn't ruin things for the guy who wants to play solo. That was one of my main issues with Resi5. The fact that it seems coop is being implemented into the main campaign is a total mistake on EA's part and has really discouraged me from buying the game at its full retail price. If they are going to cater to all different audiences they should do it correctly. It seems in this instance they have dropped the ball.

The fans of Dead Space would not say its "too scary". If they want a coop shooter they should have made a new IP instead of ruining a well loved franchise or made this game a spin off. They could have remedied the situation in numerous ways.

JsonHenry2232d ago

No one I know actually thought that Dead Space was scary. Well, no one above the age of 12.

Ser2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

You either know some really hardcore people, or really good liars.

The first Dead Space was horrifying during the first trek through. Especially if it was late at night whilst wearing headphones.

omi25p2232d ago

i agree dead space wasn't slightly scary because its a game. I can never understand how people get scared of games and movies when they aren't real

Etseix2232d ago

i never got scared with Dead Space 1, but when playing through the hardest mode to get my trophy and using only the plasma cutter to get that - 1 weapon only- trophy ( hard as fuck if yo play like that ) i was always walking with the gun on hand haha.

Campy da Camper2231d ago Amnesia Dark Decent with lights out n a good pair of Sennheisers on. Tell me you are not a little scared...

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milohighclub2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

I was looking forward to this game from the moment I finished number 2. This completely ruined it for me, really not that fused about playing it anymore.
The only reason I play dead space is for that feeling up your spine after you've been playing in the dark for 10hrs straight. You look at the clock and it's witching hour and your 2 scared to even turn the light on.

Not gonna have to same effect when you've got some dodgy a.I walking into a wall in front of you. Last bit was a jk but seriously there gonna be talking away and it's gonna completely ruin the experience. Who ever thought of this needs firing, seriously, let's take the main reason people buy our game and remove it!!!!!! Idiots.

Did they not once stop and think about why the multiplayer failed?? People don't buy dead space for the multiplayer. If you want to expand sales release some bad ass dlc.

vickers5002231d ago

They actually said in an interview that those who wish to opt out of co-op will be alone, there will be no AI partner with you, just you.

princejb1342232d ago

The scarier the better
I want to be able to have sleepless nights cause I'll be to scared of necromorphs in my apartment showing up
Make it scary EA

DecoyOctopus2232d ago

i wanna point out that the singleplayer will not have a seond character you will be completely alone it's been confirmed by visceral games only optional co-op will have two characters

FunAndGun2232d ago

i wanna point out that how do you make a single player game built around a co-op story.

The story is co-op no matter how you play it even if Carver isn't walking next to you.

It is a co-op game that can be played with one player, not the other way around.

wicko2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

As far as I know, you can still play the game solo, so I wouldn't be too worried about that until they confirm required coop.

whoops fatcat beat me to it

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Pozzle2232d ago's supposed to be scary? o.O

Etseix2232d ago

what i want to know is what will happen when the 2nd player dies- i mean, on any other game you "revive" the guy from a down or k.o , but on this one?
what? you will re-attach his head and arms togheter ?
Issac just changed his job to a Surgeon it seems.

CustardTrout2232d ago

"Hey guys, you know you like a good survival horror?"


"Well "duck" you!"

dirigiblebill2232d ago

Alternative headline: "EA doesn't want to expand Dead Space's audience with Dead Space 3 - would rather replace it instead".

SeekDev2231d ago

Extra Extra! EA throws all logic out the window! Extra Extra! Read all about it!

rmedtx2232d ago

lol, are you for real?

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