Nintendo’s Wii U: Why You’ll Want One, Why You’ll Never Play It

Emily Price of mashable writes " Going into E3, the Wii U was the thing I was most excited about. After being announced last year, Nintendo’s newest console has gotten a ton of hype and I was anxious to spend some time with the console, as well as learn what games would be headed its way."

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ape0072349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

my initial and humble opinion for the wiiu is that the first party games will be unbelievably amazing full HD nintendo classics, however I can see the third party games in the next years being so much better on ms's and sony's next consoles like they were on 360 and ps3, this opinion is based on how batman archame city looked in comparison to its ps3 counterpart but then again the full release might be different as well as my view on the wiiu, the controller and miiverse look intriguing, anyway time will till

NukaCola2349d ago

When Nintendo starts showing me the 1st party titles on Wii U, then I will get one...however all my rd party titles are purchased on PS3 and I won't change that anytime this generation. I expect the same for guys who are hardcore 360 gamers.

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GribbleGrunger2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

out of all those though only Pikmin 3 looked like a 360/PS3 quality game

WeskerChildReborned2348d ago

One game that interests me is ZombiU cause it look's like actual survival horror.

ThanatosDMC2348d ago

Give me a new Paper Mario game and i'll buy the console.

N4g_null2348d ago

Man sequels to smash, mario kart, galaxy, resort, nmh, metroid, Donkey Kong Country Returns

Not to mention last story, zenoblade, pans tower sequels or just even games from these studios.

Then the new cod will be coming if you are a FPS player LOL.

Plus multiplat will be better on the Wiiu... So if you are not going to play the Wiiu again then doesn't the same go for the other systems? It's a self defeating argument.

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Timmer2348d ago

Don't know about better, but it'll be interesting to see how devs use the WiiPad to differentiate the Wii U version as compared to the PS3/360 version.

WeskerChildReborned2348d ago

Gearbox is adding a radar on the Gamepad instead of having to pull one out on Aliens Colonial Marines.

ThanatosDMC2348d ago

I hope that doesnt mean the could shoot and scan at the same time. That'd be really cheap for the Alien team.

live2play2348d ago

nintendo needs to work VERY hard to convince a gamers who has a ps360 to but multiplatform games for their system instead

and they are not gonna do it by using friend codes, gamepad features, and they need a good online sturcture like chatting and messaging across games

eagle212348d ago

Ha, i'm gonna play the heck out of WiiU. It's my PS3 that I don't have 1 exclusive game i'm sincerely interested in this fall (save for a previous title i've been wanting). Plenty in 2013, but not this fall. I'm keeping it real, keeping it too

live2play2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

me and my wife are gonna have a blast with
super mario
rayman legends
pikmin 3
nintendoland (im excited for nintendoland only 5 games have been shown and going by the hands on previews they are alot of fun, i want to know what yoshi themed one they will have)

yes yes i know nintendoland was presented POORLY but by hands on previews like in destructoid they look like good fun and if its a pack in then why complain

Timmer2348d ago

If I buy it, I'm gonna play it. I played the shit out of the Wii, why wouldn't I play the Wii U?

hennessey862348d ago

The wii didn't have any games that appealed to me and so far neither does the wii U

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