Resident Evil 6 Jake demo works the balancing act | Destructoid

Destructoid: Probably the most exciting info here is that Jake will apparently get similar melee combat techniques as his father Albert Wesker. I really like playing as Wesker and Krauser in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, and like the idea of being able to pull off similarly themed super powered moves in RE6.

Still, it can't be denied that RE6 just doesn't feel very must like the Resident Evil titles we've played before. Fans of the classic games will just have to hope that Resident Evil: Revelations gets some kind of direct sequel that sticks more closely to the principals that have defined the series thus far, because Resident Evil 6 was not made with them in mind.

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tigertron2233d ago

The only section I'm looking forward to is Leon's at the university, it seems to be the most RE like, unlike this.

crxss2233d ago

yeah you might change your mind once the demo comes out, Leon's part was boooooring. but i do know what you mean, it did have a reminiscent RE feel to it.