Billy Gunn Confirms He's In WWE '13

THQ may not have officially announced Billy Gunn is in WWE '13, but the man himself has.

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zu4G2141d ago

now dx is complete in wwe 13, now wait, how about Chyna?


she is currently busy doing porn

FutureWWEChampion2141d ago

I wish they would start updating us with some footage or something of the game not the same thing they show in the revolution video.

DasTier2141d ago

God I hope it's not for his billy & chuck stage. mr ass wtf!

iXenon2140d ago

Didn't the New Age Outlaws already confirm they were in the game?

TheAwesomeBroski2133d ago

How are they just recently posting this? Gunn was one of the first people to confirm his spot in wwe'13. The last remaining DX member (other than Chyna) was X-Pac and he was confirmed about a week ago.