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Destructoid: Slow-paced, uneventful, uninvolving, and anything but fun, Leon's Resident Evil 6 demo was a total failure. We had a much better time with Chris and Jake.

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HarryMasonHerpderp2380d ago

Looks like a cheap way to incorporate "horror" elements.

Yi-Long2380d ago

... all the talent left Capcom ages ago, replaced by pure greed.

HarryMasonHerpderp2380d ago

At least we have Shinji Mikami`s new game to look forward to.

crxss2380d ago

when i picked up the E3 demo i thought, "hey lets try Leon's first!"... boy was that a mistake, it's basically a tutorial for using the two analog sticks.

had maybe one scary part, but that might be attributed to the headsets they provided being on FULL BLASTTTTTTTTTo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <- yeah like that

after that i wasn't going to make a mistake with Chris's part so i picked Jake's and his part was actually really fun. Chris's part was just as easy as Leon's part but with less running. It's possible to go through Chris's part only using a knife, Jake's on the other hand...

Darth Gamer2380d ago

CAPCOM = CRAP, another BOMB!! GET it, huh GET it.

OK, I'm leaving now.

Seriously though, I can't believe how quickly they have ruined one of my favorite, beloved franchises. Man this sucks. I think this beat out the Titanic for fastest sinking.

ape0072380d ago

i hope capcom make a RE game that is as great, as highly repayable, as amazing, as legendary as Resident Evil 4

trickman8882380d ago

Remember when the Resident Evil series was about survival horror?

Good times....

Summons752380d ago

When was it about survival horror? 1 was side splitting hilarious cause of the terrible voice acting and 2 and 3 had terrible controls, 4 was not scary and of course 5 so I don't see any scary games in the series at all...

Sevir2380d ago

From terrible design choices and and horrible controls. They weren't creepy or scary, infact the only terror came from the fact that they purposefully crippled your character to instill fear to compensate the dumb AI the enemies had.

RE4 was the best Resident Evil game released, it was well paced, plenty of atmosphere and some great scare moments. RE5 was a full on action game.

And RE6 looks to be a marriage of RE4 and RE5. I have to say. The AI in RE6 especially Chris's portion looks dumb! Very silly! I'm really surprised they haven't progressed the AI for the game. Its not impressive. I actually like Jake's Play through. It seems fun and Leon's portion from the intro just looks boring. I'm sure it picks up. But for almost 15 minutes there was no action until the daughter turned.

andrewsqual2380d ago

And Microsoft payed for this exclusive demo. LOL. And then Crapcom lost Resi fans because of this deal LOL. I know i don't give a fuck anymore. I still didn't watch the E3 trailer. Crapcom got into bed with Microsoft a long time ago and this gen was their ultimate downfall. Coincidence?

LightofDarkness2380d ago

Wow, the fanboy is strong in this one. Of course, purest white and innocent Capcom must have been defiled and corrupted by the Western Devil that is Microsoft, that's the only explanation as to why they would want more money, right? Clearly the idea of on-disc DLC and launch day DLC was all MS, right? Or changing games radically in order to appeal to broader audiences, that's totally Microsoft's calling card too, huh?

This is post hoc ergo propter hoc at it's finest. Just because there's a chronological succession you can't assume a causal one.

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