Random Stabbing Brings Tragedy to the Japanese Game Industry

It started out as a typical Sunday. Shoppers crowded into Osaka's Shinsaibashi, one of the city's fashionable shopping and entertainment districts. By midday, it erupted into horror.

A thirty-six year-old man (above, in stripes) went on a stabbing rampage that left two dead: 66 year-old female Toshi Sasaki, a bar manager, and 42 year-old Shingo Minamino, a music producer for a video game company.

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hiredhelp2293d ago

Never understand these foolish acts of violance.

GamerSciz2291d ago

And we never will. People say we are taught history so that it doesn't repeat itself but stuff like this is brought to our attention and will occur numerous times again...sad really.

nukeitall2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

If history has taught us anything, it is that there are always sick people.

I don't blame the perpetrator, he is sick!

HarryMasonHerpderp2291d ago

Some people have just got a screw loose.
I don't know why anyone would decide to go around stabbing people its horrible!

TLG19912291d ago

i smell the stupid media. wont be long before they say that games made him do this.

no it was because he is a fucked up person with no morals or respect or a fucking brain!

Lavalamp2291d ago

It doesn't even mention video games being part of the killer's background.

xtreampro2291d ago

The reasons for why he did this is already mentioned in the article.

It would be nice if you could actually read the article.

TLG19912291d ago

i did read the article, read what i said "wont be long" i wasn't referring to this article saying he did it because of games. i was saying other media sources (the ones that spread shit) will take it and say he did it because of games like they always do when there is any hint of a videogame source around a killing or death.

idiots everywhere!!

givemeshelter2291d ago

Isohi, who was recently released from Niigata Prison in May, said he did not know the woman or Minamino, adding, "It made no difference to me."

And there is no reason to keep this piece of filth alive.
He did the crime. There is no mistake. He has no remorse.
Gut him right there with the same knife.
Save tax payers from a lengthy trial.

GamerSciz2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

Haha I have always thought about would people do less crimes if the death penalty were to be changed. That is, however the murderer killed their victim, they were killed in a manner of the same setup. So in this case, find out where the two victims were stabbed and have Isohi be stabbed in both places and left to bleed to death.

Or in the case of someone being shot and killed. Kill the murderer the same way.

The death penalty is quick and painless. Not scary to most people messed up in the head or not worried about dying (for whatever reason).

Yes, I know this is considered "unconstitutional" but it's still an interesting thought on the whole perspective.

givemeshelter2291d ago

How someone kills someone, should be the way they should die.
You can bet your rear end murders would drop.

TheDivine2291d ago

Thats what prison does to people, hardens their hearts. Thats why we need to help people. Give addicts treatment not prison time, get dope dealers a job so they dont sell dope (or treatment cause most do it to support a habbit), and get the mental health treatment for everyone who will be rereleased into society. Help people and LISTEN when they ask for help and take any threat seriously! Most have signs somethings coming.

We also shouldnt judge people. Some people are sick in the head, some snap, some are just cold blooded killers. When you start saying kill X or kill Y its wrong. Dont soil our hands because of someone elses blood. Be merciful even if they wouldnt or didnt. Ever hear of turn the other cheek? Its from Jesus saying for us NOT to seek vengence, no more eye for an eye, if someone strikes your left cheek turn your right to him. Life in prison is worse than the death penalty anyways. I would rather die than spend the rest of my life in there. Besides, the death penalty doesnt scare anyone away from doing anything just as 3 strikes doesnt stop people in Cali. All it does is fill prisons with people (alot are in there serving life for minor minor offences). All we can do is help each other and pray for the families of these victims.

givemeshelter2290d ago

Prison worse than DEATH?
You have prisoners receiving free healthcare and the ability to receive a University degree and watching movies and playing video games...
And that's maximum security prisons.
BTW. Anyone that kills another human being for no reason IS Insane.

Nate-Dog2291d ago

My condolences to the families and friends of those killed. How awful, I can't understand how people do these things and how someone who has just been released from jail too could find himself so free to do such a thing and so easily.

MasterD9192291d ago

Nobody did anything to stop this man...That is another crime that took place here.

Yet, people had time to film it. And do what with it exactly?