Hideo Kojima: “Social games and hardcore games will evolve together”

Hideo Kojima doesn’t think the divide between social games and hardcore games will last much longer, saying they’ll evolve together and eventually converge, even teasing that Metal Gear will incorporate social features in the future.

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TopDudeMan1990d ago

So our hardcore game will become more social?

Or will social games become more hardcore?

GamingPerson1990d ago

well look around! What is going on? the first one.

TheColbertinator1990d ago

One day I casually played some demos from a Playstation Underground disc back in 1998.Some were neat like bomberman and I played a little game known as Metal Gear Solid.

Checked it out for 3 minutes and I was hooked.Series has been with me since and I admit my status as a hardcore MGS nutcase.

Casual,hardcore,who cares.Make good games,that's the ony thing we need.

Spacemagic1990d ago

Its called World of Warcraft...

omarzy1990d ago

this is going t happen very soon. the fact that an ipod app store is more successful than console makers is proof enough

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