Xbox 360 Gets SmartGlass Support This Fall

Every new title will support Xbox SmartGlass technology

One of the new and most focused technology at E3 by Microsoft has been confirmed to land in gamers living room, with support for every single one of its new games this autumn.

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NYC_Gamer2260d ago

The feature sounds nice and could be worth something long as MS pushes it forward

EZFoxOne2260d ago

Basically what I've been wanting out of my devices since I bought my first iPhone. But, I agree. As long as they make an effort to push it forward.

the worst2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

useless if you have to use xbox live

Godmars2902260d ago

You mean if an XBL Gold account is required. Not that I can't see any way its not.

FCOLitsjustagame2260d ago

Hope the first app is a virtual keyboard so I can ditch the chatpad.

IHateYouFanboys2260d ago

with EVERY first party title coming from microsoft supporting SmartGlass, this could potentially be a game changer.

like what happened with a universal in-game guide, friend list, and achievements, if gamers and developers take a liking to this, expect the competition to follow suit.

the beauty of this is that there is absolutely no new hardware needed. you dont need to hope that your phone/tablet is compatible either - if its android, ios or windows, itll work. absolutely fantastic.

forza horizon should make good use of it - have a map on your ipad showing where all the races are, where competitors are roaming around the place, and possibly even use it as a rear view mirror. cant wait to see what developers do with SmartGlass.

BuffMordecai2260d ago

Instead of games, we get gimmicks.