Nintendo: Why Mario can't change

New Super Mario Bros U producer Takashi Tezuka has explained why the core gameplay can't change in 2D Mario platformers.

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Y_51502349d ago

The gameplay is too fun and simple to change. Mario 2D gameplay has been somewhat improved but really. I would like if they made a new Super Mario World game!

N4g_null2348d ago

Yeah super mario world would be nice.
The sequels be based on
Mario bro 3 the koppa kids and those cool as log ships!
Mario bro 2 dream land had some fun enemies too.
Mario galaxy for those star chasers!

You can add any thing you want but if it doesn't evolve running and jumping over pits along with another type of death dealing consequence then it just isn't fun.

Yet ray man got it right in away... you can wrap these games in some great art if you want, yet variety is key... You can try anything you want to as long as we get the core experience.

wishingW3L2349d ago

talking about pointless articles....

eagle212348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

Perfect recipe since 1985. :)