Review: Max Payne 3 (darkzero)

"There was a morbid curiosity mixed in with my desire to play a Max Payne game developed internally by Rockstar. As a pinnacle of sorts of early third person action games, the pure arcade appeal at the centre of Remedy's original – a film noire pastiche and homage to graphic novels and Hong Kong action opera - borders on an anti-thesis to nearly all of Rockstar's own recent contributions to gaming. As engrossing as a Grand Theft Auto is with its sprawling world, open ended design and best in class narrative, the act of shooting a guy and moving your avatar around has always felt patently terrible. With a track record of favouring animation far ahead of character control, as well as employing awkward lock-on mechanics and sluggish reticules for aiming, I was fully aware that Rockstar could be the worst thing to happen to the Max Payne I know and love."

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nrvalleytime2350d ago

I'm always curious to see how Rockstar internally affects products; always seems like a battle of wills.