STN: Need for Speed: Most Wanted preview

STN Writes:

Most Wanted is back and soon you’ll be climbing the ladders to become the most wanted among your friends. But first, let’s break things down. Yes, there was another Need for Speed: Most Wanted released back in 2005. Criterion considers this a reboot of the original — Criterion style. They’ve brought the best of Burnout to the Need for Speed universe and it is mesmerizingly wonderful.

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sly-Famous2353d ago

My faith in the N4S series has been restored just by those two words "Most Wanted". I said this before, I really hope they release an HD version of the original first.

SandWitch2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

Yeah, they should release HD Collection of the first 10 NFS games

SleazyChimp2353d ago

The first one is on 360 in hd.

SleazyChimp2353d ago

Two things will make or break this game for me. 1)Can I customize my cars and upgrade them like the original. 2)Is there a fast travel mechanic like the first one. I don't want to have to drive all the way back to the beginning of a race to restart it. I also want to be able quickly to jump to my garage.