PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale Preview [NoobFeed]

Callum Rakestraw, NoobFeed takes on PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale quoting that the game certainly isn't shy about making its inspirations known. Let's just get this out of the way now: All-Stars: Battle Royale is totally like Smash Bros. Not as much as the initial reveal made it out to be, but still very much like Smash Bros.

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Jonmau52139d ago

That is a weird collection of characters but the majority of them are fan favourites such as Kratos and good ol' sackboy.

Many are already comparing this game to Super Smash Bros so it will be interesting to see if Battle Royale can match up to it.

Criminal2139d ago

I hope they'll add Crash to the game.

Rockefellow2138d ago

A lot of people want to compare this to SSB, and they're going to be disappointed, I think. Why not enjoy the game for what it is, instead of constantly comparing it? That's like people hating Dragon's Dogma for not being Skyrim/Dark Souls, or Battlefield for not being CoD.