PSP Final Fantasy III Teaser Trailer

The PSP version of Final Fantasy III that debuted in Jump last week is now totally super confirmed.

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helghast1022177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

I bought the DS version like.. a month ago.
Oh well, I got it for £5.

banjadude2176d ago

Just recently picked up 1, 2 and 4 on the PSP, so this is good news (since I was wondering when the heck the third one would be coming).

WildArmed2176d ago

Me too! I hope we see 5 and 6 as well. Esp. since this is the original FF3, not FF6 XD

I wanna have the whole collection on my psp

banjadude2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

You know, I would also like to see 5 and 6 too, since I never played those *embarrassed*

Edit: I agree, I like having the FF series be consistent (in terms of releases) for all platforms (in this case, PSP).

WildArmed2176d ago

You have to play FF6!
My fav. FF by fav. The characters are rich, and there is TONS to do.
Story is pretty good too!

I hope you like it if you do decide to play it!

YxUxNO2176d ago

you did enough to comment ;)

MySwordIsHeavenly2176d ago

In certain instances, that retort works well. This is not one of those instances. Try again.

YxUxNO2176d ago

I think it worked just fine in this instance, my friend. Tissue?

fatstarr2176d ago

IM actually mad this is just a rehash of the DS FFIII

its a good game doesnt compare to IV DS

wheres my ff9 3DS remake

WildArmed2176d ago

Don't expect remakes of PSX games. I'm surprised we are getting FFX HD collection (or was that a rumor?).

So far I've only seen them re-make pre-PSX/N64 era. Which is fine by me! But i hope we can move on to the PSX FFs too, once a thorough re-makes have been done of all FF1-6.

Whitey2k2176d ago

that what fucks me off with square they can do other remakes but they dont wanna do 7

slaton242176d ago

they could have already started it and not letting no one know now that they have a new engine...but to be honest it would be great to have a remake but i would rather them not because it would take a long time we would have another problem like FFv13 they would have to start over from scratch and also hire voice actors

listenkids2176d ago

Ff7 already has well established voice actors

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