Can The Last of Us beat Uncharted Franchise Popularity?

Naughty Dog has proved to us that they can deliver the best of the best in gameplay and storytelling with their hit franchise Uncharted. The par is already set very high for The Last of Us, leaving us with only one question. Will The Last of Us be able to beat Uncharted in Popularity?

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NukaCola2380d ago

Very possibly. It's reaching an even older audience. So it captures those who grew up with Uncharted these last 6 years and the older guys who want a more violent and scary game. Also, the game looks like it has improved visually and gameplay-wise over UC quite a bit. Naughty Dog is a group of talented developers. But let us see what TLOU is in full. Will it be a trilogy? Or will they maybe do new router and do this theme with different characters each game? Who knows what they will do. I'm definitely going to pick this up day one though.

strangea2380d ago

It's interesting that all these articles are popping up comparing TLOU to Uncharted. It definitely has the Naughty Dog style/look in it, but it seems like a completely different game. It's not like comparing BF3 to COD.

sly-Famous2380d ago

"Can The Last of Us beat Uncharted Franchise Popularity?"

The PS3/ND has one of the greatest game series' in gaming history and from the looks of things another on the way, so you have to ask your self, does it really matter?

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The story is too old to be commented.