E312: How Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 could save the war FPS genre [SideQuesting]

Dali Dimovski of writes: "Black Ops 2 is putting a lot of effort into being a very different kind of FPS experience, focusing on the flow of the game to keep players engaged. If the rest of the game is as thrilling and fast-paced as the first 20 minutes in our E3 demo, then it could very well be one of the best single-player experiences that Call of Duty has ever had, if not the entire genre."

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Ken222255d ago

Lol no if anything it most likely will be DUST514!

BinCs2255d ago

You mean Planetside 2.

Trebius2255d ago

the dust 514 beta is addictive! and theres barely any content on it. The finished product will be insane.

Zha1tan2255d ago

I like how activision do Call of Duty Anually and rake in lots of money from it so they have money to spare so their smaller studios like high moon studios can make great games like the upcoming Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.

And that is despite the fact the first game didnt do so well sales wise despite being a good game but activision still granted them money to do a sequel.

That is why I dont mind COD anymore.

Fishy Fingers2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

Because the FPS genre is really struggling.... There's a lot more to the genre than military sims.