PS Uni - Top 5 New Batman Villains I Want in Batman: Arkham 3

Malcolm Spinedi says: "Let’s take a look at the deep pool of Batman’s rogues gallery and see who we might want to fish out for the future."

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acemonkey2350d ago

Red hood,Black Mask,Scarface & the ventriloquist is on my list....

Getowned2349d ago

I would like to see a riddler boss fight,Man-Bat,firefly,dead shot,Hush,Royal Flush Gang would be cool. The return of joker(a must,I know the ending of B:AC but who cares we need the joker), killer croc, and all the rest. I would be ok with some JL villains as well to keep it fresh with villains from the DC Universe.

I really loved Batman:AA and Batman:AC really some of the best games this gen! especially if you're a batman nerd like me! lol

Auron2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )


shaun mcwayne2350d ago

The Idiot from The Idiot root.

johnny122349d ago

Why is he listing the Royal Flush Gang?Aren't they from Batman Beyond?

Snarkasaur2349d ago

It almost feels like they've used too much of the rogue's gallery already. Black Mask is the only big villain I can think of who hasn't had any exposure.

I could see Red Hood making an appearance, even if he has no backstory in the Arkham games as yet.

I personally want to see a Batgirl/Batwoman appearance of some kind, preferably in a non-cleavage role.