Gaming Update: Nintendo Blinked? Understanding what really happened at E3 2012

Gaming Update's CM Boots-Faubert takes a close look at the underlying meaning and impact that Microsoft's SmartGlass App will have on the Nintendo Wii U, and the unexpected move that now establishes second-screen gaming as the industry standard.

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BrutallyBlunt1988d ago

Did Nintendo show their hand too early? Time will tell but it's clear both Sony and Microsoft will adopt a two-device strategy going forward. The Vita and the upcoming Smartglass technology will try to blend how we interact with our devices and also our software.

eagle211988d ago

Thank God for fancy schools and japanese people have cute eyes. I'm getting WiiU still so Nintendo did something right. Even if most of the great information came after their presentation.

N4g_null1988d ago

Just because people believe you will loose doesn't mean you will. The Wii for example... Also there hand has not been shown. It seems they are holding back right until the games are ready to go. I'd rather have more games like p-100 anyway than what ever is powered by Ue4. What is funny is that engine is scalable. The only real difference will be the number of particles.
Also they only really showed mario.. one of the many million selling games...

You guys are starting to look like sports fans.

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