OXCGN’s E3 2012 “WTF?’ Awards: The Crazy Scenes of E3 Immortalised


"Amidst a psychological breakdown and the rage of an Editor in Chief that demanded more content, I noticed many offbeat things at E3 2012 that deserved their own special awards.

From media/VIP lounges to the unknowing filming of booth babes' behinds, here are the E3 2012 "best" awards you'll not see anywhere else, probably for good reason."

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gaminoz2086d ago

I can't believe the stalker guy chasing the booth babes. Did he think nobody would notice? Or didn't care? Sad.

I can believe the annoying Moves like Jagger though.

Hooshuwashu2085d ago

Don't like that amazingly annoying song? :)

gaminoz2085d ago

It needs to die a sudden death.

Proeliator2086d ago

I've seen pics of Bethesda's booth, it really was a fort!!

BadCircuit2086d ago

Maybe they thought there WAS a potential zombie apocalypse made up of a bunch of smelly nerdy gamers?

You know...some PR guys would assume the worst of gamer media probably :P

Proeliator2085d ago

I would hate to have a PR job!

BadCircuit2086d ago

I can't imagine what it's be like walking around a crowded noisy place made up of mostly men and virtually no clothes on. I hope they get paid well.

"all while sitting in the refrigerator?"

That speech was hilarious.

Proeliator2085d ago

I imagine they got chewed out for that.

Hooshuwashu2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

I would just run around and embrace the madness if I were them.

Eske2085d ago

The Resident Evil doom-crier guys are awesome. Wish more companies did clever marketing like that.

Hooshuwashu2085d ago

I've seen a bunch of pics of them..... I wish I could have been there :(

gaminoz2085d ago

Lots of apocalyptic games these days: surprised it hasn't happened before

TheSuperior 2085d ago

I think when it comes to booth babes, Cosplay is the way to go... not just your average shirt with a logo. Just a thought tho x)

gaminoz2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

I agree. When you have 'normal' people doing cosplay it really does make it fun, rather than just exploitative.

I've been to a show where there were quite a few, and none of them were overweight sweaty fanboys/girls trying too hard. They were just people having fun and some of them were great look-alikes.

If you are a publisher...dress the models up as gaming characters like Lollipop Chainsaw Cheerleader. It makes more sense.