Diablo 3 Item Duping Videos Surface, Always-On DRM Proven Useless

Gaming Blend "Blizzard recently issued a hotfix for Diablo III over the weekend. Supposedly this hotfix was to make a number of quick changes that weren't addressed in the patch released earlier in the week. Turns out, the hotfix was for something far more serious. Item duping."

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forcefullpower2353d ago

Always on DRM is not there to stop it ever happening. It means Blizzard can control and monitor easily when this happens. Giving them control over removing all the objects and banning accounts. As all goods are server side.

Maybe the author needs to understand how the game is designed. Still more annoyed that they have not fixed the lag issues though.

ATi_Elite2353d ago

The Author has ZERO CLUE what Diablo III is all about.

The Author most likely doesn't even know what "DRM" stands for.

Bimkoblerutso2353d ago

That's true. It's basically designed for their RMAH, which will make them oodles and oodles of money if they ever get it up and running.

The article may miss the point, but it doesn't make the "always-on" model any less tyrannical.

Tsuru2353d ago

That video proves nothing, for all we know hes crafting a bunch of shoulders and editing that out of the video and making look like he is duping items.

kevnb2353d ago

if it was so easy I would know how to do it. Same as hacking accounts, I would know how its done if it wasnt just the typical phishing/keylogs.