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GamesBeat’s E3 2012 Game of the Show

The GamesBeat staff voted, and here what they picked for the game of E3 2012.... (E3)

Sadie2100  +   862d ago
Hearing a lot of these games, though I'm surprised one staffer picked Star Wars! That's an interesting pick....
barefootgamer  +   862d ago
Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to see Watch Dogs or Dishonored while at E3. I'm sure my list would've been a lot different if I had! They both look pretty exciting!
Sadie2100  +   862d ago
That Watch Dogs trailer in the above story will show you all that you need to know. :)
barefootgamer  +   862d ago
Watching it right now. :)
8-Bit Jay  +   862d ago
I'm totally looking forward to Watch Dogs. :)
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SybaRat  +   862d ago
Watch Dogs was such a pleasant surprise. A new IP that looks super-cool? At E3? Who'da thunk?
8-Bit Jay  +   862d ago
"Watch Dogs was such a pleasant surprise."

Agreed. Ubisoft gives us some great games, but their press conferences always seem a bit lacking. This year they blew everyone out of the water.
JeffGrubb  +   862d ago
That theater in Watch Dogs is right on State street.
deantak  +   862d ago
Well,I'm telling ya the Beyond: Two Souls demo was awesome. But can't argue too much with Watch Dogs.

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