Goodbye for now - Metal Gear Online goes offline in 24 hours

"Metal Gear Online will cease to function tomorrow (Tuesday), with Kojima Productions terminating the online service on June 12th at 23:59 (JST). That gives you about 24 hours (give or take a few hours wherever you are in the world) to jump back into MGO and appreciate the service before it goes away forever."

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PirateThom2354d ago

If only it wasn't so backwards to actually log in, it could have been the most popular online game on the console. Please, bring it back but just use PSN to log in!

Ravenor2354d ago

It wasn't going to be the "most" popular game on PSN, with or without the Konami ID. It just helped the community take a nosedive not to long after release.

I went through the headache of patching that game and remembering what my Konami ID info was about a year ago and the community was pretty much gone.

princejb1342354d ago

Konami I'd lmao what a joke
I forgot my username and password so many times till I finally gave up

morganfell2354d ago

Thom is dead on. The gameplay was entirely unique all the while requiring squad and individual tactics beyond other titles that have such rapid contact.

Solid_Snake372354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

:( i hope Sony picks this up...

Solid_Snake372353d ago

Seriously, f**k you Konami, give the online to Sony. They will happily handle it...

andibandit2353d ago


"it could have been the most popular online game on the console"

i think you forgot to add

", in my world."

solidjun52353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

Yea his and plenty of other gamers. Sorry if you don't that way.

Snookies122354d ago

Sad, that had a lot of potential...

PirateThom2354d ago

And I instantly dismiss it with a wave of the arm.

first1NFANTRY2354d ago

I remember spending countless amounts of hours playing MGO...that's if i ever made it past that damn Konami ID code nonsense.

-Alpha2354d ago

Can someone explain the exact problem with this logging on thing? I'm curious

vickers5002354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

Basically, they made you create a separate profile with the konami website, called a konami ID. The fact that you had to create that wasn't the problem though, the problem was that the konami site that you tried to create your ID on was down like 90% of the time you tried to create one. It was clear they didn't prepare at all for the amount of traffic they had.

Then, when you did actually get an id created (which also had pain in the ass syntax rules), you had to deal with a bunch of patches. Again, this doesn't sound like it would be too bad, but the problem is that the patches weren't delivered through standard psn server channels, they were downloads that were served through http servers that you had to sit there and wait to download at the actual menu, so no background downloading while waiting, just waiting. And the downloading process was unbelievably slow. Even if you had a GREAT internet connection, a patch that was say about 500mb, would take like 3+ hours to download, because so many people were downloading them at once. Then there were instances where the game forgot your konami id details, and you forget them as well since you expect the game to remember for you, so you have to go to the site again (which was probably offline) and spend a lot of time attempting to do a password reset.

It was just a big pain in the ass all around, something that could have easily been avoided by using the standard psn account. I never understood why they made it like that. And I have to admit, that MGO was genuinely pretty damned good. I would have played it A LOT more than I did if not for the konami ID crap.

It had its own unique feel, even among todays vast amount of multiplayer experiences, it felt unique and awesome. The maps were really great as well.

It's a shame that the konami ID thing ruined it though. It would be awesome if they were to sell the mp as a separate mode, remove the konami ID, add some new maps and weapons and maybe some new features, and then put it up on the psn store for like 15-30 bucks.

-Alpha2354d ago

Damn, that's a shame, thanks for the explanation +1

vickers5002354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

Yeah, actually now I'm coming back to it to play it one last time and it's even more of a pain in the ass than I remember. In addition to all that, the "konami ID" you create isn't even used to log into the game, oh no, you need to create a "game ID" in addition to the konami ID". You create that "game ID" within the konami ID page though, so it's much more confusing, AND, the game ID CANNOT be the same as the konami ID.

So say for instance my konami ID was vickers500, well I wouldn't be able to use vickers500, I'd have to make it something different, which made things so much more confusing.

edit* Even more annoyingly, you have to create a game id AND a BRAND NEW password that's separate from your konami password. Also it HAS to be numbers only, no letters. Yay.

Also I remember something else. It used to take litterally 10-20 minutes for matchmaking to actually find you a match.

Lol, god this "service" was/is terrible.

Raoh2354d ago

MGO is a great game, so many new features that no game has had.

The konami id login is a hassle, but.. once yoru logged in and save your settings you don't have to enter your passwords again.

Still it sucks because they lost out on trophy support, proper psn store support etc.

Hopefully they are working on MGO 3

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