PlayStation Plus 'amplified' with more games, all other offers remain in place

During Sony's E3 2012 press conference, Jack Tretton announced the addition of a bunch of new games to PlayStation Plus as part of an "amplified" PS Plus relaunch. However, it wasn't clear exactly how the service was changing, beyond the offer of LittleBigPlanet 2 et al. the next day. Is PS Plus all about new full-size games every month for members?-Joystiq

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TaitaiSparks6022349d ago

this why I'm switching to playstation 3 love the libary of games much more than 360 . but, there are some games I like on the 360 guess I'm stuck trying own every console

Campy da Camper2349d ago

I just spent the entire weekend downloading all these games. inFamous 2, R/C and LBP2 were total scores. I might do Just Cause 2 again, but I think I got bored with it when I played it a year ago. I think Space Marine sucked, too.

Regardless, I just got 3 free games for 50 bucks and have 12 months for whatever other goodies they put up there.

Great weekend!

Soldierone2348d ago

I haven't been able to put Saints Row 2 down at all. Going to buy Saints Row 3 this week for sure because of it.

Coltrane_C2348d ago

@Soldier Becareful SR3 is good but it doesn't come close to SR2...SR2 story was really good

-GametimeUK-2348d ago

I too have had a great weekend of gaming. I missed out on Infamous2 so I'm playing that (loved the first). I also downloaded Motorstorm Apocalypse which is actually better than I anticipated and had me on the edge of my seat screaming at the TV whilst my girlfriend was watching haha. Oddworld looks decent too, but I have not had the time to give all the games a lot of attention. Trying to squeeze in my Call of Duty fix inbetween is killing me :-)

svoulis2348d ago

I think this is part of a great plan Sony is trying. Why not give away good AAA games for free (some exclusives) This may fuel gamers to buy more exclusives when they see the quality of Infamous 2 and LBP2.

@Soldierone said

"I haven't been able to put Saints Row 2 down at all. Going to buy Saints Row 3 this week for sure because of it."

See that is part of what they want. Play the games they give away for free and hope it temps you to go and play some other games and trust them as a company and buy games for their platform.

Brilliant Sony. Thanks for that.

dead_eye2348d ago

It's also a fantastic way to bring in the casual market.

Spend £250 (roughly) and never have to spend any money again on it.

moparful992348d ago

I've been a ps+ member since the very begining and I've downloaded hundreds of dollars in free stuff.. Infamous 2 alone was a HUGE win.. Playstation+ is the best value in gaming..

WetN00dle692348d ago


Saints Row 3 was pretty bad ass!
A GIANT improvement in the graphics and physics department BUT the story was okay. I would advice you to wait for the Standalone expansion releasing sometime soon. Its pretty much a WHOLE new game and it will retail for around 29.99.

dcbronco2348d ago

Campy, Sony appreciates you being willing to help them out paying for those MP servers.

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MmaFan-Qc2348d ago

thats why i own the ps3 AND the 360.

oh ..and the pc/ps vita/wii/3ds too

showtimefolks2348d ago

downloaded every game signed up right after watching E3 of sony. so worth every penny and already got my money's worth lol

can't wait for next 11 months

Anon19742348d ago

So. One console for $60 offers you the basic ability to play online and some chat features you may or may not use. The other console for $50 offers you $400-$500 in highly rated, free games and the ability to play online is always free. Decisions, decisions...

dcbronco2348d ago

Darkride? Is it really a bargain to get a bunch of stuff you didn't have because you didn't want it. Like, if someone came to me and said, "Dude, I'll give you this bag of marbles for 50 bucks". I'd say, "Dude, if I wanted a bag of marbles I would have already bought them. I already have what I wanted(wanted=MP)".

Dar, what you'll usually find is that when someone gives you something really cheap, it's 'cause they got it really cheap. Then they say it's your for next to nothing *wink*, and that money actually covers the cost of the thing they really wanted you to pay for.

Like inFamous isn't worth $60 because they already couldn't sell it for that price. And since they made it and have already written the losses off on their taxes, they can now give it to you as a gift. So that you will give them $50 to pay for MP.

badz1492348d ago

some people are just happy paying to xgamechat with friends and play online and their 360 might be their only platform capable of doing FB, Twitter, stream TV, Netflix, Last FM and so on so...let them pay and let the PS+ owners harvest the benefits of $50 a year subscription!

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bahabeast2349d ago

ps3 has been my primary console since 2007 with my 40gig fat spiderman edition, im now on 250gig slim and i gata recharge my plus :)


TooTall192348d ago

I'm still using my 40gig. Recently I've had to make some tough calls on what to keep and what to delete.

kingPoS2348d ago

I'm not sure how long I would last with only 40gb, I'd have upgraded that asap if I were in that situation.
Kudo to you holding out that long.

MoveTheGlow2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

Yeah, you can always upgrade the HDD yourself in a PS3 with a generic bigger one, which is one of the best reasons to buy one:

Luckily, prices are declining from where they were after the Thailand flood, and it's very easy to replace it! I've had a 320GB hard drive in mine for years, did that for 70 bucks, it's been great.

moparful992348d ago

Heck or you could get an external hard drive and move stuff back and forth as needed... That way you wont lose any of your content...

TooTall192348d ago

I bought a 500gb today. I was waiting for the price to come down. Thanks for the installation link!

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BLAKHOODe2349d ago

I play my PS3 more than my Xbox; mainly out of convenience. The Netflix app is a thousand times better on PS3 - my 4 year old even knows how to work it. Plus I've gotten so many free games from the hack attack and PS Plus, I don't even have to both loading a disc to find something to play. Oh, and blu-ray!

ChunkyLover532349d ago

I have to disagree about Netflix on PS3 being better than Xbox 360's. On the Xbox 360 version you can format the screen to widescreen,even for non HD shows and movies. This is something they don't allow on the PS3 version.

After the last dash update on Xbox Live they took the ability to stretch the screen away, but after complaints they finally added it back. This is why I prefer to use the Xbox 360's app for Netflix, hate watching older Futurama in a 4:3 locked aspect ratio.

slaton242349d ago

but on ps3 we watch netflix for free except to subscribe to netflix on 360 u have to pay to have xbox live and pay netflix so ps3 is better

AtomicGerbil2348d ago

Widescreen TVs have had the ability to change the screen format for years, auto or manual. Not exactly a major selling point for an app if you TV can already do it.

kingPoS2348d ago

Umm ... I don't know what kind of screen you favor, but for me, my 'Sammy'(Samsung) does scaling at the push of a button. BTW Some 4:3 video doesn't always look acceptable when stretched.

MoveTheGlow2348d ago

Netflix just needs to get its act together. It might be a little better on the PS3, but none of their interfaces on any system are that usable at the moment.

ChunkyLover532348d ago

Wow, PS3 only owners are so insecure. I'm not talking about televisions being able to change an aspect ratio, I'm talking about the app itself. Clearly if the Netflix app on Xbox 360 can adjust to widescreen its the better version. I prefer that interface. I own the PS3 and don't like that setup one bit.

I think its so funny that I got so many disagrees for simply stating my opinion, but because its against the PS3 version of something I guess I'm the devil.

AtomicGerbil2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

I think it's so funny that you disagree with those whose opinion it is to disagree with you, then question the validity of those disagrees as if those opinions don't count.

I stated why I disagreed as did others, at least you could respect that instead of a blanket everybody is a crybaby statement. You prefer Netflix on Live, that's fine, doesn't mean everybody else has to.

plumber152348d ago

Talk about being insecure your so worried about how many bubbles you have , witch in reality they mean nothing . Flatbattery is right N4G wouldn't have put a disagree button in if people didn't have an opinion . Unfortunately the flaw in having a agree and disagree button is no one really has to state why they disagree all they have to do is push the button . You should have to comment in order to get to push the disagree button .

moparful992348d ago

Media that is native 4:3 aspect ratio looks like POO when it is stretched so that ability is moot.. I don't care what aspect ratio my show or movie is in so long as it looks good.. the ps3 netflix app loads faster and is easier to use.. Those are much more important than custom aspect ratio's

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morkendo232349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

look into playstation plus thinking about joining until i seen 49.99 fuck that!!
Jack TRETTON forgot to mention that HIGH ASS price.
here in washington, seattle


Biggest2349d ago

Shouldn't you have made that complaint a few months ago? Why wait until they release the great content they JUST RELEASED LAST WEEK? Kinda makes your point even more moronic than it already would have been.

BLAKHOODe2349d ago

A high price that was just annihilated with a SINGLE release. Last I check, there were 12 months in a year and if we get an update like we just got just once each month.. $50 a year is EXTREMELY CHEAP. And the discounts, free themes/avatars, early access stuff is just a BONUS.

I signed up for PS Plus about 18 months ago and I have no regrets. It's been outstanding.

Nimblest-Assassin2349d ago

Your joking me.... if you get plus you get


Your getting more than 200 hundred dollars for only 49.99 and thats only one days worth of goods

How is that a ripoff?

Wolfbiker2348d ago

Not to mention $50 pays for the whole year with deals like this every month!

PS+ is a great investment to be made into you PlayStation , there will never not be a game to play if you have PS+

ziggurcat2348d ago

also, infamous2 - which is currently, what, $39.99 in the store? or is it still $59.99?

it amazes me when people gripe about paying the $50 for PS+ even when they see all of the free content that they're offering with the service.

i've been a PS+ member since day one, and i'm pretty sure i've exceeded $500 worth of free content just within the first 15 months alone... that's huge savings on games, as far as i'm concerned.

starcb262348d ago

I'm thinking of trading in lbp2, infamous 2, and saints row 2 now.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2348d ago

So how much would YOU pay for twelve games?
Or here's a thought.
Sony is promising three free games per month with PS+. These are full games, not demos or trials or minis.
No full game sells on psn for less than $10 that I know of.
There are twelve months in a year.
Playstation Plus is $50 a year.
So with PS+, you will save at least $310 over buying the games retail.
And let's not forget the themes, minis, betas, cloud storage, and automatic updates.
$50? It's a bargain at twice the price.

Sheikh Yerbouti2348d ago

The price is high which prompts one to ask how many online games do you plan to purchase. I have made money back from PS+, it drives most of my game purchases. I've saved well over a hundred the past year alone. Sure there are games I wouldn't have played otherwise, but some turned out to be real gems.

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Virtual_Reality2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

This is really a good deal.


Is $49 a year, which is a better deal than other services out there for what it offers (Discounts/games/dlc's etc).

jimmywolf2349d ago

for under 5 dollars a month you get free game each month, discounts on games, random betas invites, early access too demos, cloud saves, option download patches or games at a time you set. if you rent one game a month it the same price, if you buy one game a year it the same price an service offer a lot more. it like new prize too look forward too every month

Rediculamal2348d ago

At first the argument was 'PSN is free' in comparison to other services. Next it became 'you can subscribe to it and pick up some nice deals along the way' which more or less put it on level terms with other services...

Now it's 'just take all our shit, don't worry about it braah.'

...Plus just won the contest, hands down.