10 Things The PS4 Must Have

With E3 2012 over and next year looking to be the debut of the next gen consoles,'s Ron Hoffecker goes over ten things that the PS4 must have and do.

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ShadowKingpin2261d ago

This article is well written. Now, if only Sony paid attention....

50Terabytespersec2261d ago

Lots of Ram And Lots Of GFLOPS !!!

givemeshelter2261d ago

One thing i am sure Sony will do is get rid of the Cell Architecture. They do this and follow the same route as the Vita and make the PS4 a DECENT price and not $500-$700, then Sony has a winner.

falcon2622261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

I do agree its an article that does give some good advice, however I have to disagree with "Charging for PSN." I'm not against the concept and if it means better security then thats fine. But it appears Sony has a different model and especially a different "culture" when it comes to 'Pay to play.'
It seems they are heavily focused on incorporating PS+ members and will use this model as a way to generate funds. Also if they go to a pay model, you would alienate many of the PS+ members who would then have to shell out an extra fee?
I also highly doubt they would have a two tier system. One which gives you access to play and one that gives you access and PS+. That would be a disaster to explain and support.

EverydayGuy2261d ago

I think they are going to use the cell since they bought the manufacturing plant from IBM, and they already invested billions of dollars in creating it. The AMD rumor is probably a GPU, so the PS4 is still going to be a power house. By putting the Cell 2.0 into the PS4 will cut cost which can be spent else where.

I disagree with the paid service for PSN. Why would I pay for it if I can get it for free on the PC. Having a free online service is a better incentive to purchase games digitally, if I want to buy a game digitally, but have to pay for the online service, that just add cost for the consumer.

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