Top 10 Stage Demos of E3's Conferences

E3 isn't what it used to be. In the past, the story of each E3 was as compelling as the stories in your average video game. There were surprises, plot twists, disasters, and victories. A conference without at least one or two big reveals was considered a let down. Nowadays, one big surprise in itself is an amazing development.

But while the flash of E3 may be gone, the substance still remains. The most exciting parts of E3 now are the stage demos, when a developer takes the stage, controller in hand (complete with the occasional zoom in on his hands by the cameraman), and shows off a section of their game. The best stage demos show off solid core mechanics, suck you in with either a storyline or the world itself, and find a way to surprise you, making you reconsider what you once thought about the game. Only a few stage demos reached that kind of greatness this year, and unsurprisingly, those are the games that grabbed the most buzz this E3. However, there were still plenty of very solid gameplay demonstrations during this year’s conferences, and in this list, we rank the top 10 of them.

Remember, we are ranking the actual stage demos here, and not when trailers were shown, with no one playing the game.

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acemonkey2382d ago

agree the top two should be a tie lol they was really torn

WestenShelton2382d ago

Yeah, I was pretty torn too! I think Watch Dogs being totally new gave it a slight edge for me over Last of Us, which had some hype last year too.

acemonkey2382d ago

Yeah but that was are first gameplay of Last of Us, but still Torn lol? i just hope we get more gameplay of both and news on Watch Dogs...will like to know if its open world MP or SP or any news...even tho E3 was lack luster those games stick out the most lol