Madden NFL 13 Brought to Life with Mind-Blowing Infinity Engine (Interview) - E3 2012

"The Madden NFL franchise if often viewed down upon because of Electronic Arts' desire to publish a new release each year. Often integrating just minor fixes with a roster update, many gamers have a hard time justifying a $60 investment within the Madden franchise each and every year. With Madden NFL 13, EA is pushing the envelope with their new Infinity Engine that redefines simulation in the Madden series."

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jsslifelike2374d ago

I have a hard time believing that Madden will be innovative and not iterative.

Rainstorm812374d ago

Ive watched a few vids of games from the E3 demo and i must say Madden may finally be what i was expecting it to be from the beginning of this generation. The Infinity Engine actually make it look REAL or more realistic than what has be seen from Madden I should say. This was the next step from using the Euphoria engine which i think @k will use if they get the NFL license back

I continue to say this but i think they are feeling the heat from the NFL license ending next year and feel the need to up the ante....

TooTall192374d ago

I'm a huge football fan, but I haven't enjoyed a football game in a long time.

SKUD2374d ago

I really hope the NFL does not renew the license contract with EA. As an NFL fan there hasn't been a decent game released in years. Very disappointing.

black9112374d ago

I miss 2K5 when is maddens NFL licencse over.

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