Gears of War: Judgment Preview: We Sit Down with Cliff Bleszinski at E3 | MediaStinger

MediaStinger: "We got a chance to sit down with Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski and People Can Fly founder Adrian Chmielarz at E3 2012 to check out the just announced next installment in the series, Gears of War: Judgment. Bleszinski explained to us that Epic and People Can Fly are working together to bring the franchise back to the original days of the Locust being scary like in the first game and at the same time introduce a bunch of innovative new features that will help the series feel fresh while still staying true to the franchise’s roots."

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ImSoHeavy2354d ago

glorified expansion pack?

ChunkyLover532354d ago

I guess in the same way God Of War Ascension is. Its a prequel that adds a totally new mode in the online.

After playing through Gears 3 I thought I got pretty good closure with Marcus, Dom and Cole. I was left wondering about Baird's past, well now we get to see what it was all about. I cant wait.

IRetrouk2354d ago

I'm looking forward to this, could freshen things up, though I still have a few questions about the queen. Would like answers but will probably never get them :-(