Gamesbeat Interview: Frank O’Connor on why 343 Industries changed Halo

Right from Halo's very beginning, Franchise Development Director Frank O'Connor has served as the keeper of the keys. Now, in Halo 4, he's launching a new chapter of the Master Chief's saga with a new company, a new team, and a new philosophy.

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AO1JMM2353d ago

"If this is a new beginning for Halo, why bring the Covenant back?"

Read the books!!!!

"they’re the warrior sect of the long-vanished Forerunner society"

Some how I did not picture Forerunners looking anywhere like these.

GamingPerson2353d ago

wow your a real halo fan huh? respect.

linkenski2353d ago

Halo 3 established a picture of forerunners being humans. Now it seems like they're supposed to be aliens.

MerkinMax2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

343 has stated these aren't Prometheans like the ones Greg Bear Introduced in his Forerunner Saga. Those Prometheans were organic, tradition Forerunners that were the Forerunners best Warriors. The Prometheans in Halo 4 are nothing like this. Cortana confirmed in the demo that they weren't organic. So those of you who didn't think they'd look like this were right, these aren't Forerunners in the tradition sense.

If anyone has read the Forerunner saga, it is established that the spirits of ancient warriors can be extracted and put into machines. The Didacts War Sphinxs are an example of this as they have his children's final impressions embedded within them. So I'm thinking that what we are seeing in Halo 4 is a Promethean army with possible ancient Forerunner spirits within them, that are either being controlled or have been corrupted. This story really can go anywhere, and I suppose one of Halo 4s larger mysteries will be uncovering who the Prometheans are, who made them and why.

AO1JMM2353d ago

That is true. Good job pointing that out.

m232353d ago

SPOILER alert!!

Poison, looks like you've read the books. What do you think of the Timeless One making an appearance? For me it doesn't really make sense for the Didact to be taking revenge on anything. I know the timeless one was killed at the end of primordium, but I have a feeling it wasn't that simple.

Hooby2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

Those aren't forerunners. They're non organic, and they appear to be remote controlled. Did you read the article?

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