The Game Gadget Portable Emulator Console

It's a new decade folks, and games you played 10+ years ago can now fit 1000's of them into one console. Look at the portable console future, and tell me what you see.

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Wolfbiker2382d ago

my Xperia Play is better =]

rustyspoon802382d ago

For £59.99 this is way overpriced. I'll stick with my Xperia Play also. I can even play new games like Modern Combat 3 or Fifa.

silvacrest2382d ago

you might as well get a xperia play and just carry one device that does it all

hellvaguy2381d ago

Not really a valid comparison to compare the Xperia (which has very outdated hardware compared to more modern smart phones and is like 2 years old now), to a handheld gaming device only.

Not only that, but I really wouldnt want to be under a 2 year contract with verizon or at+t only to have my data capped at 2G or 5G.

silvacrest2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

my xperia play comparison was referring to this portable emu player only and for £59.99 there is no way this has better specs then the play

the only specs mentioned were the 3.5 inch display which the play already beats

the potential games this can play VS the xperia play isn't even a comparison, the play beats this hands down, all emus (not just sega) gameloft, sony, EA, indie, rockstar etc

lastly, i dont live in the US so i dont have to deal with crappy verizon or at&t, i walked into a phone shop in the UK and bought my play for £150 sim free