The Wii U's appeal to hardcore gamers

Over the past few years, Nintendo has gained a reputation for catering to the casual crowd. Here is how the Wii U will change that

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MasFlowKiller2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

Let's correct that tittle
The Wii U does not appeal to hardcore gamers as of now

I had high hopes for the WII U for this E3 but Nintendo's concentration on the casual market is disheartening.

Finishing the show with Nintendo Land, NINTENDO LAND

Does nintendo actually think they will get casual gamers to purchase a new console, we are talking about a group of people that maybe play on their Wii's once or twice a year at most

But the article does have one good point, Nintendo has some of the best first party studios.

but lets face it, the Wii u has had one of the worst showing of any console in recent memory

Every time Nintendo shows the Wii u, their stock drops

E3 2011:

E3 2012

live2play2354d ago

how could it appeal to the hardcore its not launching with

live2play2354d ago

no but seriously they did fail to hype up the system

instead the wiiu is being judged on its power by lazy ports

but cmon guys how many times have you defended your system againts ports saying they dont show the consoles true power?

naughty dog and bungie made you see just how much a consoles power can be tapped by having more years of ecperience with them

defended the vita against no game arguments by saying it takes time

GribbleGrunger2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

in response to the drop:

"We have to show the benefits of the Wii U device from different angles in order to reach the mother, the father and the children."

odd way of describing "the gamer" don't you think. is this a hardcore message or a casual message? be honest

HalfNerdHalfAmazing2354d ago

The Wii u will not appeal to hardcore gamers til 3rd party developers commit to the wii u is plain and simple