Review: DayZ - What have I become?

Leviathyn's Tommy Eubanks review's DayZ and talks about how it dissolves you down to your baser human instincts.

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WagFanger2258d ago

I recently got this game, and so far I haven't played LOADS but really I'm not liking it as much as everyone else at the moment. I will continue playing it as I'm hoping as I get better and explore more I will begin to really like it - otherwise money wasted I guess.

I'll list my issues with it:

So far I have only ever seen one person. Luckily he wasn't an ass like the people OP met, and we just sort of snuck around together for a bit then parted. But otherwise, the map is way too large for the servers' average player count.

No map unless you find one, so no idea where to go unless you get one online.

Zombies NEVER give up chasing you, so once you run out of bullets and have aggroed a zombie, you're done.

Glitches everywhere - crawling through doorways breaks legs, shutting gates breaks legs, ladders breaks legs. Zombies attack through walls. Corpses sometimes stand so you think they're alive players - I wasted a lot of ammo on one.

Can't give yourself blood packs.

Issues getting on servers.

Overall it's a good concept, but really, especially in this early alpha stage, not deserving of an 8.

Somebody2258d ago

Review with a score point...for an Alpha software?

CyberCam2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

This is modern gaming journalism at it's best!

Granted, I was an early adopter of Dayz when it was first released. It was fun & interesting and interaction with random players was at that time kinda cool, because more than not players would be considerately friendly enough, even if they didn't want to team up.

However, now the game has turned into a pvp death match, with zombie becoming more of an annoyance, than a main aspect of the game. I haven't played it in weeks and haven't missed it.