E3 2012 New Super Mario Bros. U – Hands on Video Demo

Gametactics gets a behind the scenes hands on demo of the New Super Mario Bros. U, this a demo of boost mode where Player 2 on the Wii U game pad can put platforms, disrupt enemies and help out Player 1.

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Chapulin2145d ago

Her breast is so distracting.

r212145d ago

damn it! i cant decide between looking at the controller's feature or the boobs...hunngghh aurhhghg DERP

TheRealist2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

I dont think that guy likes women.. I will force someone to play boost mode so i can have all the fun..

The baby yoshis coming back is pretty cool.. i wonder if u feed them enough, they grow up like in mario world.. Doesnt look like they do tho ;(