Prepare for Steam's Summer Sale

It's about that time of year, and Steam is teasing us with a few great games on sale before the main course. Check out Civilization 5 DLC, Magicka, Mount and Blade, and several other great games below sticker price!

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Snookies122354d ago

Oh good lord... I forgot about the summer sale... Man, once again Steam is going to rob me of all my money, because those deals are too good for any sane person to ever pass up. Better start pawning some of my possessions I suppose.

JBit922354d ago

Steam and I have a love/hate thing going on...

Love the sales... Hate the amount of sales... :[

Snookies122354d ago

Haha, that's exactly what I say, I love and hate Steam at the same time.

ATi_Elite2353d ago

Yeh I'm ready to spend $200 on a bunch games I may never play like last year i bought Square Enix entire PC library and I've only played Just Cause and some Hitman games.

I Just can't resist "The Deals".

Kran2354d ago

I don't think I need to buy much this year... once you've done your first summer and winter sales, you already have all the games in the world. lol

LightofDarkness2354d ago

Yeah, there's only one or two things I'm looking to pick up from the past year or so. I definitely getting ArmA II, anyway.

SeekDev2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

Agreed, I've been through two winter, one summer, and one halloween sale. I've got everything I need except for the really new stuff. The only thing I'll be able to afford this next sale is maybe Darksiders. Maybe..

memots2354d ago

Be careful with the sales.

I picked up Just cause 2 way back for $5 amd space Marine i think for $7.50 not long ago. But just got both of them free on ps3 with psn+. I still prefer playing them on my PC but Just cause console would have been fine too.

beerkeg2354d ago

Yes but you can get anything you buy cheaper after time, so I think I'll still be grabbing some bargains.

capcock2353d ago

You don't own the game you get for free via PS+, you'll only have access to them as long as you pay your monthly/yearly ps+ fee.

Rather pay a small one time price and own a game forever than pay monthly/yearly fees for "free games".

KionicWarlord2222354d ago

Ah yes...time for me to fork over loads of cash for amazing deals.

paddystan2354d ago

Spared up for 115£ to use this summer sale.

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The story is too old to be commented.