Preview: The Last of Us and its "Balance of Power" AI system |

Up in the private Sony preview area, Steve Wright had a chance to view another The Last of Us demo. Only, it turned out to be the same one he saw at the Sony press conference. Almost move for move, in fact.

When questioning the Naughty Dog developer about the similarities, a smile flashed across his face. Steve was told to head over to an accompanying theatre to watch the same initial situation handled in a completely different manner.

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Fishy Fingers2376d ago

This game just looks fantastic. But I crave a hands on do I can see for myself what's me, and what's AI.

Bathyj2376d ago

This is one of those games, if you had the demo, you could play it about 150 times, doing it different everytime, like the Metal Gear solid 2 demo, or more recently, Hitman Sniper Challenge.

Please, let us have it Naughty Dog, we can wait till next year to play this.

kevnb2376d ago

I think I can tell where you have control and where you don't judging by past games. To be honest we've seen stuff like this, but not with the same detailed animations. also the number of animations is on another level.