Industry analysts discuss next Xbox & Playstation possibilities

An E3 report where analysts and experts discuss new Playstation and Xbox.

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Scarfy2375d ago

In all honesty, I would like the PS4 to support Android and have an online store for selling PS4-made Android apps.

It would result in tons of quality (maybe) Indie titles being made available, as well as the ability for people to create high quality PS1 and PS2 emulators, with all sorts of bells and whistles attached (full HD, anti-aliasing, texture filtering, etc,).

Okay, the PS1 + PS2 emulators are a bit of a pipe dream, but imagine having source ports of ScummVM, Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem 3D, and a bunch of other things. It'd be pretty cool.

Plus, the Indie scene does take more risks than the main commercial space can afford to.

Kantor2375d ago

Sony already has a proper program for encouraging indie developers to make PSN exclusives.

As for the ports of the classic games, I have an Android phone, and I've never seen any of those on the marketplace.

Scarfy2374d ago

Doom, Quake and Duke Nukem 3D are all on Google Play, as is ScummVM.

Unless you mean something else?

WeskerChildReborned2375d ago

It's very possible that Next Gen will be coming 2013 and if it didn't, i would be pretty surprised/disapointed cause i want to have some new advanced experiences that could only be made possible on PC or up-to-date hardware. I want some physics and just overall better gameplay and wouldn't mind some beautiful visuals either.

dcbronco2375d ago

I agree completely. 8 years is way too long for a generation. When the Samaritan demo came out it was running on three cards. Now the new demo is on a single card. Gaming tech has moved on that much in that little time. The consoles are old. Still fun, but old. Time for better graphics, physics and AI. Console got left behind after the first year. To try to delay longer just because they are profitable is a mistake that may come back to bite them.

CLOUD19832375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

Nintendo for the past many years have left behind hardware-wise:

PS3 > Wii
PS4 > Wii U (I dont think that there is even 1 person out there who believe that Wii U will be stronger from the next PlayStation)

SONY have by far the most powerful hardware no matter if we talk for consoles or handhelds, I'm talking for many times stronger than the competition PS VITA is 4 times stronger than the 3DS capable to run even PS3 games (check on youtube MGS4 on PS Vita) & I expect the same for PS4 SONY will be at the TOP again and the 15 first party studios SONY own will continue to create the most visual impressive games for the next generation also as they did till now for the current one.

Nintendo under-powered hardware & kiddies/casual games is the main reason why no1 can take them seriously, they need to take a lot of steps ahead both in hardware and in software, they r in need of some exclusives of a completely different type of what they do for the past 20+ years, in a few words more mature games to attract gamers older than 6-12 years old.

The casual market cant be milked for long as they admit them selves they get it now those ppl that buy a Wii for a gym tool will not continue to buy games no matter how many consoles they r going to sell to moms & uncles it doesn't matter as those ppl is not gamers they wont care for new releases and they wont buy new software often enough for Nintendo to make a profit and in case some of u dont know it it's not the consoles that makes the most profit for companies but GAMES!