Five Ways Nintendo Let Us Down At E3 (

Nintendo could've really done so much more at this year's event. Here are five ways Gamerlive was let down.

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SoldierX1569d ago

Great article. Nintendo not giving us a set price and launch date....unbeWiivable

miyamoto1569d ago

Because if they did announce the price PS360 will move in for their price cuts ASAP

PS4_day1_buy1569d ago

"The system has potential" is a nice way of saying it sucks

Dovahkiin1569d ago

The PS3 had and still has potential, the PS4 has potential. These statements in no way imply that either console sucks, quite the opposite actually.

tweet751569d ago

no metroid or zelda news. No nintendoland does not count. That is just so reggie can say any of the companies major franchises are represented.

Baluigi1569d ago SpamShow
ShaunCameron1569d ago

Let who down exactly? The ones still expecting Nintendo to be like Sony and Microsoft? Nintendo will do what's best for Nintendo.