Forza Horizon E3 gameplay confirms cockpit view and stable framerate

VVV: "We already knew that Forza Horizon looks absolutely spellbinding in motion from the official E3 trailer, but thanks to a video sent in by a viewer from the E3 showfloor we can ascertain how the game looks when you actually play it."

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xAlmostPro2145d ago

Looks like the previous Forza that's been put through instagram lol

The off track sections are pretty cool though

IHateYouFanboys2145d ago

How is this news? All throughout E3 Dan Greenawalt was demoing the game and giving the interviewers hands on with the game. This article makes out that All they showed was a trailer.

CernaML2145d ago

If it didn't run at a smooth 30FPS then something's wrong. lol