E3: 2012 – Exclusive Tomb Radier Video Interview – Demo Preview

From "Here we got a chance to interview the Lead Producer for the new Tomb Raider title that has been in development for quite some time. The game is more of a reboot where are not only seeing a younger Lara Croft..."

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TheSuperior 2298d ago

Tomb Raider looks great. I cant wait to play this game. I think it will be the best Tomb Raider yet. :)

TheGrimBunny2298d ago

Yeah, definitely not like any other Tomb Raider title I've seen.

Army_of_Darkness2298d ago

Btw, I can't help but noticed that the headline spelled "Raider" wrong... LOL!

TheGrimBunny2297d ago

Oh yeah ArmyOfDarkness, oh well nothing I can do about it now,wish you caught that before It was approved.


the demo from e3 looked sick!