BF3: Armored Kill – All Console Maps Will Have 5 Flags, No Urban Maps, More on the AC-130

MP1st - Battlefield 3 Lead Designer Gustav Halling clarifies some exciting new details regarding the upcoming, vehicle-based expansion pack, Armored kill.

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-Alpha2141d ago

A pilotable AC-130 would work on PC with 64 players and maps that are actually huge like in older BF games.

Twilightx72141d ago

Your comment makes no sense in light of the size of this map - it's already been revealed to be the largest map in the history of the series. Either a "pilotable" AC-130 would work or it wouldn't, size of the map being irrelevant.

-Alpha2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

DICE has lied through their teeth about so much in regards to BF3, whether or not the maps are truly the largest we've seen remains to be seen

Soldierone2141d ago

Wake Island on 1943 was fun as hell. In BF3 its kinda boring to me on consoles. You run into bigger battles at times, but you can get by with just capturing flags and hardly running into anyone.....its not anywhere near as hectic as it is in 1943, and I played both on consoles.

I laughed at the AC 130 remark, sucks to be one of the PC complainers.

(yes I know PC is different and probably better, but I don't care so don't go off talking about how amazing your PC is)

Ravenor2141d ago

Er, the 1943 maps were shrunk. They weren't the original size they were in 1942.

Soldierone2141d ago

Which was okay with me. With so few people on consoles, the "full" map is too big at times.....

FlareDReborn2141d ago

It better not be conquest assault maps for console.

jjb19812141d ago

Either way I love BF3!

trenso12141d ago

I like the 5 flag wake island more it worked better but honestly Kharg island, caspian border and operation firestorm are quite dry on consoles a lot of people are in vehicles since we have such a low player count. And glad to see you can't drive the ac-130 a good squad would destroy everything and couple of noobs would waste the thing.

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The story is too old to be commented.