Top 10 Sexiest Final Fantasy Characters

Lee here, this time taking a look at some of the sexiest FF girls, I’m fully aware this has been done before, I just wanted to get my own views out there.

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CLOUD19832294d ago

Agree with No1 & 2 but No3 sucks my personal No3 is this:

gamernova2294d ago

Where the hell is Yuna!! This is an outrage!!!!

ItemGet2294d ago

I'm sure Yuna will turn up in another ItemGet Top 10 soon enough...Top 10 girls with two different colour eyes? Maybe.

TheLyonKing2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

Good list , love how you got Beatrix in.

I would have taken vanille out and put Rhinoa or Rikku(ff 10-2 outfit) but that's personal preference

ItemGet2293d ago

I think FFX-2 outfits should get a whole list of their own haha!